Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to Basic's part 6: How to get full sexy lashes

Hey girls,

So today Im back with part 6 of my Back to Basics post: How to get full sexy lashes:
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Ok so lets gets started :)

1. Curl your lashes:

The trick is the walk your curler out !!!

So you want to close the curler, hold ,open and move the curler out a little more do this about 3 times doing this will make sure you create more of a curl than a crimp.

2.  Apply 3 thin coats of mascara  to your top lashes, Allow each coat to dry before applying another coat. 1 coat should be enough on your bottom lashes you don't want spider eyes :)

For thick lashes: hold wand horizontal working it from side to side starting from the base of your lashes

For longer lashes: hold wand in a vertical position and pull wand up from the base of your lashes

Mascara comes in 3 different formula’s thickening, lengthing and defining and wands come in many different shapes so take the time to pick a mascara that suits you best.

How to define you eyes and make your lashes look fuller:
Take a very small or angled brush and dip it into a black powder eyeshadow, tap off the excess and place the shadow at the base of your lashes.

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Hope this was helpful
saz xx


inmyhansonshirt said...

Great post! Very informative. :)

G A B Y said...

I love to do a coat of lenghtening mascara and then a coat of volumizing mascara. Works great for my super thin and short lashes!

YOURS TRULY, Josephine said...

I love your blog Sarah!
It's been really helpful, since I'm a complete clutz when it comes to makeup
You've made it so much easier :)