Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to Basic's part 5: Highlighting and Contouring

Hello my lovely viewers :)

Today Im doing part 4 of my Back to Basic's series and its all about highlighting and contouring.
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Why do we highlight and contour?
The objective is to create the illusion of having a oval shape face.

What do you use to highlight and contour?
To contour you will need a dark matte powder or cream you can also use a matte bronzer to shade the area
and to highlight you need a light colour cream or powder or a shimmer to catch the light and bring the area forward.
You can buy contouring sets like this one from sleek.

To know which area's you need to highlight and contour you need to find your face shape.
The oval shape face (egg shape) is the perfect face shape. You do not need to highlight or contour.

Round face: shorter and wide with full cheeks and round chin
Highlight: forehead, underneath the eyes and top of cheek bones
Contour: temples, cheeks and jaw line to create the illusion of a oval

Square face: same width at forehead,cheeks and jaw.
Highlight: center of forehead, underneath eyes and chin and apply blush on apples of cheeks.
Contour: hairline at 2 corners and jaw line at 2 corners

Heart shape face: wide at forehead and narrow chin
Highlight: chin, forehead and underneath eyes
Contour: temples and cheeks

Pear shaped: narrow at temples and wider at cheeks and jaw line
Highlight: forehead, underneath eyes and chin
Contour: jaw line and cheeks

Long face: high cheek bones and forehead and strong jaw line
don’t highlight or contour just simply brush a bit of bronzer across chin to shorten length and apply blush on apples of cheeks and work outwards this will widen your face.

To slim your nose:
Take a fluffy eye shadow brush and dip it into your contour colour and run the brush down the sides of your nose making sure you blend well then take your highlight shade and highlight the center of your nose.

Keep a eye out for part 6 :)
Don't forget to check out sinead's videos for more basic tips :)

Hope this was helpful
saz xxx


G A B Y said...

Yey for long face! Kidding, I HATE my HUGE forehead. Thanks for those tips!

inmyhansonshirt said...

Great post! I love how you broke everything up by face shape. :)

makeupbysaz said...

thanks girls mwah xxx

Dyna said...

I am loving these back to basics posts hunny xx