Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to Basics: part 3 Every thing you need to know about face powder

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So this is the 3rd part of my Back to basics series:
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What is face powder and why do we use it?
Powder is used to set your foundation ,give you a matte look and it helps your foundation last longer by absorbing the skins natural oils. It is a absolute must for oily skin!!!!!

Powder comes in 2 forms loose and pressed.

Loose powder works better because it has more oil absorbers than pressed powder but pressed powder is less messy and more convenient

Translucent powder is not invisible or colourless it is just loss opaque than other powders. It can appear very unnatural on the skin so it is best  for just setting heavily concealed area’s

What shade should I get?
When looking for a powder you should find one that matchs your foundation or if you want to warm up your skin use a powder with yellow undertones.

If you have bronze/ebony skin pick a powder with golden orange undertones to brighten the skin or if you’re darker choose a powder with warm brown undertones to warm the skin or you could also use a powder with a little shimmer in it to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy.

So how do I apply powder?
You can apply powder with

A fluffy brush: dip your brush into the powder, tab off the excess and brush all over the face.
you can use a smaller fluffy brush if you want to powder smaller area.

A powder puff:  press your puff into the powder and roll over the skin. This gives the best coverage!
also run a fluffy brush gently over the skin to remove any excess powder.

A sponge: works well in small area’s

Your fingertip works well for mature skins, trace finger underneath eyes to set powder and minimize fine lines

Check out my friend's You Tube video on powder......

Hope this was helpful!
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DaphYin said...

Awesome back to basics series. That's so helpful for a 'beginner-going-expert' like me :) thank you!!

inmyhansonshirt said...

Great post! Definitely really informative for beginners. :)

makeupbysaz said...

Thank you :)Sooo glad you guys liked it :)
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