Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fafinettex3 nyc inspired makeup

Hey everyone
As you all know im a huge fan of fafinettex3 aka aubrey from youtube ive been a huge fan of hers for 2years now and she inspired me to start my blog so today im going to re-create her most recent look at the nyc meet up in sephora :) fafinettex3's youtube

oh and i wanna say a huge thank you to Audrey (Check her out) who mentioned me in her last post 'Blogs i love'!
Heres what she said:
Sarah's blog ♥
I was just completely bowled over ever since I saw her re-create Kim Kardashian's style!
Sarah takes celebrity fashion looks, (e.g her michael jackson inspired one was amaziingg!) and
does an OOTD telling you how to do it for much less, highstreet!
A blogging Gok Wan, I think! Not only that, she is also great at makeup!

Heres the link: http://abeautyaddictsbible.blogspot.com/2010/09/blogs-i.html
Thanks Audrey :)

 Thanks so much to all my followers and to everyone who left me a comment
Ye are so supportive and make it all worth while :)

Ok so lets get started :)


  • Urban decays primer potion

  • Macs vanilla eyeshadow

  • Macs texture eyeshadow

  • Macs parfait amour

  • Macs mystery

  • L'oreals black liquid liner

  • Urban decays pencil liner in zero

  • Rimmels lipstick 006 pink blush

First apply texture which is a very light brown to your crease this helps the colours blend better

And then apply vanilla or a white colour on your lid and blended both colours together

 Then apply parfait amour or any purple colour to your crease over texture eyeshadow dont forget to blend

apply mystery or any brown to your outer v

and to your lower lash line to make your lashes look thicker

Then line your water lineline your top lid and apply mascara and your done :)

Aubrey used a pinky purple lipstick but that colour wouldnt suit my skin tone so i used rimmels pink blush instead and used clear lip gloss over it!

                                                        saz xxxxx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simple Smokey Eyes


  • Rimmel london shadow in moonstone

  • Macs shadowy lady (matte)

  • Macs mystery

  • Macs gorgeous gold

  • L'oreal super liner in carbon black

  • Avon pro brow enhancer

  • Avon super shock mascara

  • Urban decays 24/7 liner in zero

  • For my lips i used Avons lipstick in perfect peach
Ok firstly I primed my lids using Urban Decays primer potion

Step 2: using a flat brush i applied gorgeous gold all over my lids

Step 3: Using a shader brush like this (im using macs 239)
Dip the tip into the shadow Mystery

Step 4: Draw a straight line up starting from your bottom lid stopping at your crease
if your finding this hard, stick a little sticky tape on the corner of your eye this will help you get a straight line


Step 5: Blend Mystery towards the center of your eye just above the crease 


Step 6: Now using a blending brush im using macs 217
 blend the brown and gold together to get that smokey effect!

Step 7: Using your shader brush again apply shadowy lady to your crease
and blend well!!!

Step 8: Now your eye should look a little something like this!
Make sure both eyes are even and then apply liquid liner to your top lid
and apply urban decays liner to your water line and apply mascara

Step 9: Apply a little bit of mysery with a shader brush to you lower lid
 starting from the outer corner and stopping about half way in,

Step 10: I applied a bit of rimmels moonstone in the inner corner of my eyes by my tear ducts and a little bit of my lower lid to brighten up the look

Step 11: I applied Avons pro brow enhancer to my eye brows 
this is a tinted gel the gel helps shape them while the brown tint helps enhance my eyebrows

step 12: apply a little bit of perfect peach lipstick with a lip brush
 you can put some clear lipgloss on top
to finish off the look :)

hope this was helpful girlys
saz xxxx