Monday, July 29, 2013

Fake Tan: Pre Application Tips/Aftercare

Hey Guys, 
Here's my lastest video from youtube.
Hope it helps :)

Love Always
Saz xXx

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hey Everyone,

Well i've been loving stripes lately and I've had this top for aaaaaages and haven't worn it so I decided to create a whole outfit around it. I chose Black paperbag shorts, These hug your waist making you look slimmer and anything High waisted will make you look taller, Ankle boots!!! funk it up and finished off with a floppy black hat just to be different :P A bowler hat also looks cute with this outfit :) 
Makeup is Pretty little liars Inspired and will be up on my youtube channel in a few days.
Hope you like the outfit :)

***Outfit Details****
Top/Boots: Primark
Hat/shorts: H&M
Watch: Guess?!
Bracelets: Mix of Topshop/Primark
Nail: Bourjois Paris Bleu Model #mintmanifortalia 
Makeup Tutorial coming soon...

Love Always 
Saz xXx

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One dress.....Two ways

Hello My lovelys, 

Today's post is a little bit different to my usual Outfit of the day. 
I'm going to show you two different ways you can style one dress.
This brings me back to the fashion posts I used to do when I first starting Blogging.... Good times!!
20 ways to wear a black skirt is still my most viewed post and gosh it's so cringy now hehe but It's also so nice to see how my style how grown and how my pictures have Improved. <3
Hope you like this post and let me know what you think :) 
Makeup Tutorial coming soon.......

Style 1: 
Red Red Red!!!!
I always say If you have a boring old dress in your wardrobe add a pop colour, It instantly makes ANY dress look gorgeous.
Navy, White and Red will ALWAYS look fab together.
I toned the look down with a brown bag, Neutrals always work well with prints or patterns....
and some gold jewellery.
Gold is my favourite at the moment, I think depending on how it's worn, of course, It looks very classy.

Dress: Primark (love how it brings out my tan)
Shoes: Primark
Watch: Guess?!
LV Dupe Bag: New York

Style 2:
Statement jewellery ROCK MY WORLD!
They add style and completely transform a outfit.
I love blinging up dresses, changing up a boring old jumper in winter, popping one inside a blouse or even underneath a collar of a shirt LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE......
Since I have so much going on, on top I stayed clear of any other jewellery besides a small thumb ring.
I love to add a little bit of interest to my hands, and rings really suit me without being OTT.
Again I toned down the look with neutrals and added another pop of colour as I thought the pink worked really well with this look and warm colours also bring out your tan :)

Statement Chain: ASOS Gift from fellow Irish blogger Fitz n bitz
Clutch: Primark
Shoes: Faith
Ring: New Look

Love Always
Saz xXx

Monday, July 22, 2013

O.O.T.D: Feeling Peachy

Hey Hey!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Ok well enjoying it as much as you possibly can enjoy a monday ha!.... :)
This O.O.T.D is a little more dressy than usual, As much as I'd love to say I wore this for the day, I'd be lying haha.
I wore this outfit heading out for drinks some evening during the week but I wore sandles with this during the day, I just love peach and white together <3.
I will warn you tho I got slightly carried away with the pictures, Those heels and my NATURAL tan (at long last!!!!) make me feel like a model hehe........ In my dreams :) 

Blouse: Jane Norman: old
Shorts: Old Navy
Heels: Faith
L.V Dupe: New York
Watch: Guess?!
Bangles: Mix of Primark & New Look

Find out how to get my Beach Waves and Makeup look here: 

Love Always
Saz xXx

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Week So Far In Pictures

 Hey Guys,

I've seen so many people posting pictures about their week on their blogs and thought it was a really cool idea and it also gives viewers a little insight into our lives so said I'd give it a go...
I had 10 days off work and I must say I picked the most amazing week, Temperatures hitting 30 degrees most days.I didn't get up to anything too exciting, It's been so hot all I want to do is relax. Us irish really aren't use to this weather, we hate to moan as it may be raining next week but alot of us are finding it really hard especially trying to sleep at night.
I've been spending most of the week taking it easy, soaking up as much sun as a can and trying to save money for my holidays in september eeek!!!!
So here's my week so far.... it's going to be so hard going back to work on tuesday :( 

Saturday started out to be a relaxing day in the sun reading but then I ended up going to the beach with some friends. It's was so nice to soak up some sun, catch up and take a walk on the beach.

I went to the beach with my love, He was jealous I went without him on Saturday haha.
We spent the day at Inchydony beach in West Cork and then went to the hotel for some dinner and drinks (just 1 drink for the driver :P)  before we headed home and spent the evening chilling with some wine and goodies.

I spent the day Filming and running some errands
and ended the evening with a long long walk :)

On Tuesday I got to meet the gorgeous Heath aka Dan Ewing from Home and Away and his beautiful Wife
I've watched home and away since I was a kid, It was so exciting to meet a Actor from the show and may I add he was extremely beautiful, Pictures dont do him justice at all.. His skin.. eyes...body hes just yummy hehe,
To bad the picture came out blurry :(
I then headed to a late lunch with my Auntie and my beautiful cousin
before heading home to sunbathe and spend the night watching movies with my man <3

Was Another filming day, Spend the day filming and editing, visiting a friend and sunbathing of course :P

Another relaxing day sunbathing, editing, planning videos and also gave my house a major clean and caught up on some washing and ironing.

My parents arrived home from their holidays so went home for the day to catch up with the family I was also so excited to find some goodies arrived for me along with some gifts my parents brought home for me :)
Sinead and I also finally organised our meet and greet for Monday so If your in the cork area come say hi, we would love to meet you :) details here:
 finished the night relaxing with wine and snacks and the beloved fan haha....

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