Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to Basics: part 1. How to use and apply concealer

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Ok so lets get started :D

 Alot of girls get confused about the different types of foundation,concealers blushers etc,
whats the best one to use for your skin type and how to you apply them.
So im going back to basics starting with.......


Concealer has a thicker consitancy than foundation and it is used to give extra coverage on any imperfections or area's of discoloration,
can be used under and over foundation.

Concealer comes in many different forms
  • sticks  (max coverage, comes in different texture dry/creamy)
  • pots  (creamy texture,more control most popular with makeup artists)
  • Tubes (creamy,moisturising,easy to blend, can mix with foundation for sheer coverage)
  • wands (lightest,sheerest, dont need to wear foundation with it)
  • pencil concealer (great for lines and spots,)
  • oil fee compact (very dry, made for blemishes)
  • highlighting pen ( reflects light, good puffy eyes)

concealer used under the eyes should be moist and creamy so it doesnt collect in fine lines
concealer used on blemishes/capillaries should be drier it will adhere better and last longer.

 What colour concealer should you use.

On ivory/beige skin a yellow based concealer works best as yellow counteracts most skin imperfections. 
when using concealer after foundation the colour should match your foundation.
and on bronze/ebony skin a golden-orange colour works best on light/medium skin tones and on darker tones of ebony a warm brown concealer is best.

How to apply concealer

if you have obvious discolaration, blemishes or dark circles under your eyes Apply concealer with a small pointed brush and remember to colour within the lines
this means keep within the area of discoloration or you will make it look worse
then stipple/pat concealer with your middle or ring finger to blend into the skin.

If you do not have obvious dark circles you can apply concealer with your fingers and just stipple/pat concealer onto the area

Never drag or pull the skin under you eyes this can cause pre-mature aging!!!!!

Concealer can also be used as eyelid primer to help your eyeshadows last longer and avoid creasing.
simply apply concealer all over your lids and blend in then with a small brush apply powder on top to set it.

Hope this was helpful
love saz xx

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Alyssa said...

This post was really helpful. Applying concealer correctly has always been tricky for me. However, I wish you had pictures in this post.

Nice blog though :]

-The BF Mashup

makeupbysaz said...

thanks hunni :)
ok no probs ill add pictures to it asap :)
saz xxx

Michelle said...

I've been applying concealer since forever and I think I've been doing it wrong the whole time! LOL