Thursday, September 8, 2011

O.F.T.D: Breaking the Rules

Hey Girls,
Today Im doing a outfit of the day post.
Today Im "breaking the rules" by wearing black and brown and I love it hehe :)
Its quite windy in Ireland so Im wrapped up nice and warm today.

Would you like to see more outfit of the day posts????
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leopard print scarf, stone cardigan, black leggings, boots all Primark
tank top Topshop
bag Dunnes

love saz xxxx


DaphYin said...

The scarf makes this outfit even more sexier!! love it :) I can't guess how awesome your closet is! Yes I'll love to see more posts like this :)

Maya Sophia said...

I love the scarf - so pretty!

Ramona said...

You look absolutely wonderful. I like your mix and match even if You had to brake the rules.

xoxo Ra

inmyhansonshirt said...

This outfit is great! That scarf is gorgeous and I love your bag! I am all for you doing more outfit of the day posts. <3