Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hey guys thanks for following me appreciate it! keep them coming :P hehe
ok today i did a look for you inspired by the beautiful sunshine :)
using greens,orange,yellow and purple :)

i used my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette which is availabe on the coastal scents website

coastal scents are an american owned company they make professional products at low prices i love their palettes they are so pigmented and last all day and their CHEAP and deliver to ireland yay:)
if you dont have this palette use what ever you do have!
Remember you dont need expensive products or professional brushes to create an amazing look :)
hope ye enjoy this and good luck :)
saz xxxxxxxxxxx

ok first of all i used my urban decays primer potion dont leave the house without it this is a eyeshadow base and helps your shadow stick to your lid and last all day without creasing and it does work :)
ok i used the 3rd green colour from the top on my lid and then applied the lighter green colour above it in the palette over the green colour i just put on my lid, sweep this colour in the inner corners of your eye by your tear duct to brighten your eye

then i applied the orange colour which on the top third row in from the end (where the silvers are) and its the 2nd colour, i put this colour on my lids crease and blended everything together lightly.
next i addded the yellow colur above my lids crease this colour is on the top of the palette at the front on the 2nd row 2nd colour down.
next i applied purple on the corner of my eye making a v shape
then i applied the purple on my lower lid
lined my eye with liquid liner and added mascara i then added silver liner on the water line
all done :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easy purple look :)

purple is my favourite colour sooo i wanted to do a look for ye guys using only purples heres what a came up with ....

cute eh? :)
this look couldnt be more simple
all i did was apply
macs beautiful iris all over my lid any lilac colour will do
then a applied macs vanilla on my brow bone as a highlight this is a beautiful matte vanilla colour
then i applied macs parfait amour on my lower lid straight across my lash line
this is a dark purple colour
then all i did was line my lid and add mascara
i didnt want this look to be to dark or dramatic so i applied a white liner on my water line to brighten my eyes :)
you can use a black liner on your water line and add fake eyelashes if you want a more intense look. i will do a purple and black smokey eye next time!

hope this was helpful
saz xxxxxxxxxx

1 Top 4 different looks :)

hey guys :)
today i came up with 4 different looks using the same top to show you how easy it is to create different looks from using what you already have in your wardrobe saving you money:)
using this top i create a cute casual outfit,a classy outfit,a dressy outfit and a clubbing outfit.
The top im using is a pink chiffon blouse from jane norman for 37euro


outfit #1

i teamed the the pink chiffon top with baby blue 3/4 lenght jeans gold sandles and gold accessories for a sexy casual look for summer :)

outfit #2

i teamed the top up with dark wash black heels and added a blazer for a more classy fashionable look and kept accessories to a minimum

outfit #3

here i teamed the top with leggings and baby pink heels for a very sexy look again keeping accessories to a minimum
you can also add a blazer here to make this outfit look more classy :)

outfit #4

for my last outfit i tucked the top into a plain black skirt
and added black heels for a cute outfit for a night out :)
i added a belt in one picture and gold drop earings but add what ever you prefer :)

hope this was helpful enjoy :)
saz xxxxxxxx :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

simple neutral look :)

Hey everyone,
Today im going to do a simple everyday look for you using neutral colours :)
hope you enjoy this look!


Here is the simple look I created for everday wear
macs vanilla eyeshadow(white matte colour) on the base of my lid
macs texture eyeshadow (tan colour) on my crease blending upwards
macs vanilla on my brow bone as a highlight
loreals liquid eyeliner to line my lid
loreals pencil liner in white to line my water line to brighten my eyes
and maybellines mascara in black
to finish off the look :)

saz xx

new blog!!

yay finally got a blog woo woo :)