Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beauty on a Budget (part1)

Hey girls,

So here's the first part of my Beauty on a budget series.
In this series i'll be showing you how to make your own hair masks, face and body scrubs, Shampoo, Hair spray, face masks and sooo much more.
I did alot of research for this series and i really hope you all like it :)
also stay tuned for more Outfit of the day post's.

So let's get started!!!!!!

Part 1 - Olive Oil
Olive Oil is a product nearly everyone has in their kitchen but did you know olive oil can be used for many things other than cooking like a makeup remover, hair mask, moisturiser and you can use it to shave.

Some Facts About Olive Oil:

1.Olive oil is extracted from a fruit.
2. Extra virgin oil has No chemicals
3.It Contains vitamins A and E and prevents sun damage (does not contain SPF)
4. It is a antioxidant 
5. It is moisturising and it is also non-comedogenic which means it wont clog pores.
6. Its a great lubricant. It protects you from cuts which makes it great for shaving
7. It rarely causes allergic reactions

How To Use Olive Oil:

To soften cuticles:
Apply some oil onto a cotton pad or bud and rub onto the nail, rub it in with your fingers.

To shave:
Rub some oil onto your legs and shave
Oil is a get lubricant and it will also moisturise your legs.
You can also soak your razor in oil to prevent it from rusting.

Hair Mask:
Rub oil into your hair, wrab your hair in a towel and leave for 20 minutes 
then shampoo it out.

To moisturize: 
Extra virgin oil is completely natural and it will not clog your pores.
 Rub a small amount into your skin to moisturise.
For the face dap a small amount onto a cotton pad and rub onto your face
It is also great for chapped lips.

Makeup remover:
Olive oil is great for removing waterproof mascara and heavy eye makeup
Apply some oil onto a cotton pad and gently wipe away your makeup.

Hope this was helpful
saz xxxxxx


Locke said...

this is so helpful dear! i've tried using olive oil as a make up remover and it works! looking forward to more of your beauty on a budget posts :D xoxo

inmyhansonshirt said...

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

great post!! you can also use it to condition your lashes overnight!