Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to be a vampire!!

Today im doing a vampire look for halloween
hope you enjoy this and
Happy Halloween!!!! :)

First of all i used a foundation 2 shades lighter than i normally use to make me look quite pale
Then i took a dark brown shadow and shaded under my cheek bones
To set the foundation I applied face powder to give a more even coverage
 I darkened and defined my eyebrows using a brown eye pencil
then with a liner brush i ran the brush down either side of your nose with a shadow 2 shades darker than my own skin and blend out the harsh edges then i highlighted my nose bridge using a white shadow this will define the nose
Next i lined my lip using a black eye liner pencil and blended it out to make the red look darker and used a red lipstick!

Using my essence browns quad a used the bronze colour all over my lid and the brown colour on the outer corner of my lid to make the look more dramatic I applied a dark brown colour over the brown colour.
Then i applied black liner to my water line,tight line and upper lid and put on false eye lashes.


and thats it...

to complete the look you can add black earings or beads or some bracelets and add fangs and fake blood!!
love saz xxxxx

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silver & Purple look

Hey girlys,
Hope everyone had a good weekend !
Today im going to do a quick tutorial using silver and purple :)
 from my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette.

This palette is available on the coastal scents website 
coastal scents have amazing pigmented eye shadows at cheap prices
Step 1.First of all prime your lid using urban decays primer potion or any primer that u have
 using the silver colour (1) apply it all over your lid

Step 2.Next using a blending brush apply the purple colour (2) to the outer corner of your eye
blend both colours well.

Step 3. Using the white shimmer (3) apply this under you brow as a highlight to brighten the look

Step 4. Instead of using a eye liner use black eyeshadow to line your upper lid using a liner brush
you can get these on the coastal scents website coastal scents liner brush
I think this makes the look less dramatic

Step 5. Apply mascara or fake eyelashes and
Lastly a nude lipgloss to finish off this look :)

                                                                   saz xxx

Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Dress like "The Saturdays"

hey everyone!!!

Im back with more celeb inspired looks im loving these at the moment and as everyone seemed to really like kim kardashian inspired looks I decided to pick another celeb and re-create their looks!!

so next on my list is.....the english girl band "The Saturdays"
These girls are young,fresh and fashionable and they really inspired me so hope you like this
Let me know what you think and if u have any requests and dont forget to SUBSCRIBE :)!!!

  • Shirt is from Miss Selfridge (link to shirt)
  • white top you can use any white top mine is from Bay
  • belt,sandles and chain all from Primark
  • My handbag is Juicy Couture (its the only black handbag I have) any big black handbag will do
  • Mollys tan heels complete this look but i didnt have tan heels so i used tan sandles but I reckon the outfit still looks pretty cute :)

  • My Jacket is from New Look
  • Im wearing a black playsuit from Jane Norman and i added a
  • belt from primark
  • boots are from primark

  • Here im wearing a striped tshirt which is from New Look tucked into a skirt from Miss Selfridge to make it look like a dress
  • If you have a striped vest top that would be perfect for this look
  • Shoes are from New Look

Here the girls are wearing lace dresses
mine is from new look :)
also available on heres the link: black lace dress
Heres another link to similar lace dress from new look: black lace dress from new look

  • Shirt is from Miss Selfridge (link)
  • Shorts Jane Norman
  • Sandles Primark

  • My tiger top is from Jane Norman
  • Black bag Juicy Couture
  • Tan boots Primark
  • And belt is from Primark
Saz xxxx

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kim Kardashian inspired looks part 2

hey hey :)
how is everyone doing ? hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Today im doing the second part of my Kim Kardashian inspired looks as promised
But first I want to say a huge huge thank you to Aubrey aka fafinettex3 who commented on my last makeup look fafinettex3 nyc inspired makeup
Im still in shock im such a huge fan of hers and that comment really made me smile!!! so thanks Aubrey!!!

ok lets get started :)

  • Blazer: Bay
  • Grey vest top: Awear
  • Leggings and boots and bag: Primark
  • Bracelets: Topshop

  • Blue shirt: Jane Norman
  • Skirt: Jane Norman
  • shoes:Red Herring (Debenhams)

  • Vest top,Black cardi,Boots and Leggings all Primark
  • Beads: Miss Selfridge

  • Top is from krisp
  • Belt,sandles and bracelet are from primark
  • Leggings Jane Norman

  • Top:Topshop
  • Jeans: Tkmax
  • tan boots: Primark

saz xxxx