Monday, May 25, 2020

Femme Luxe Haul

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Just wanted to share some fab pieces I got this weekend. I am still living in loungewear and joggers but now that lockdown is lifting slightly I will definitely be expanding my summer wardrobe.

Again as mentioned before the joggers are oversized so I always size down to the 6

You could definitely size up in the tee if you want it to be a little more oversized or be easier to knot.

This top is sooooo pretty I think it would be fab with shorts or jeans aswell for cooler days

Lilac Top: 


OMG when I saw these slippers I just had to have them, they are so warm and cosy aswell I love them! 


Love Saz x 

Thursday, May 14, 2020


So here we are still on lockdown but at least things are lifting slowly, I for one am loving lockdown because its given me the opportunity to be my own boss which has been so refreshing but at the same time I cant wait to get back to my clients!! 

How is life where you are and how are you coping? sending loads of positive vibes! 

Ok so in this months femme luxe haul I think I've picked some amazing pieces

2 pairs of joggers I know I know I'm obsessed I have a weakness for all the colours esp pink I'm a big pink fan lol 

also how cute is this No Bad Vibes Tee yasssssss! 

White Joggers:

No bad vibes:

Coral joggers:

Other loungewear:

I picked up these pink jeans the fit nice and love the colour so summery but I do wish they were a little more high waisted but they are still super cute!

and lastly this cycling short and tee 2 piece, the white shorts are a little see-through but the tee is long  enough to hide it, I think the black set would be fab! 

2 piece:

So thats it hope you enjoy! 

love Saz x 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

More loungewear?

Day 312544382128 of lockdown... who knows what day or year it is anymore haha
Hope your all staying safe and well 

I have been busy updating my home studio and taking my content to the next level.
If you would like to keep up to date on my journey follow me on instagram @makeupbysaz_com or over on

So today I'm sharing some more loungewear goodies I've picked up.....

I picked up this sand over sized jumper, alot of my loungwear is short sleeve so wanted something comfy yet warm as its still freezing cool in ireland.

Stone jumper:

Ok this one is totally out of my comfort zone but I was really drawn to it haha....

It's a NEON orange tracksuit pants just because I felt like being extra....
I don't know if ill be brave enough to wear them out but I still adore them!!!!!

The top is old but still in stock :) 

Neon trousers:

Babe Tshirt:

Next up we have this blue cropped jumper again its warm and goes great with these black trousers - the makeup tutorial will be up on my channel soon too!

Blue Jumper:

and lastly we have another jumper... I think I was cold making this order haha so hey you cant go wrong with a grey jumper..... 

Can I just say the quality of these jumpers are so good for the price!

Grey jumper:

and thats it hope you enjoyed this weeks haul...
Check out my instagram to see how I style them.
Love saz x 

Monday, April 20, 2020


Hey guys,

How is everyone keeping during this tough time?

I think I'm coping best by eating loads of food, filming and editing loads and buying loungewear online and dreaming at pretty makeup and outfits hahaha funny but its true! 

I've picked up a few items from the femme luxe loungewear collection this is what I got......

These joggers are legit perfect no pun intended lol they fit perfectly and are so comfy 
the top is a little oversized which I love as I like to knot my tops with loungewear

Perfect tshirt


This loungewear set is perfect for around the house or being lazy on the couch - I like how the top is also long enough to cover my butt lol 

loungewear set:

Hope you enjoy! 
Love Saz x

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Femme Luxe Haul

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is keeping well during this very strange time.
I myself am out of a job so keeping myself busy by creating loads of content,

You can follow me on instagram @makeupbysaz_com for 1 minute makeup tutorials and styling videos and youtube for lots of indepth tutorials and I have a very exciting makeup challenge on my channel too!

I ordered these items from femme luxe a few weeks ago and to be fair they will prob be my last few dressy items for a long time but I just had to show you! 

So item one was this satin blouse and although it needs to be steamed badly I just love the colour and the pearl detail its so stunning reminds me of something you would see a celeb wearing?!

blouse here: 

Item 2 was defo my favourite!!! Its a pink cropped blouse but just look at the back detail.... just gorgeous!!!!

top linked here:

The next top is a pink velvet cropped top this would look great paired with trousers or high waisted jeans!

I paired all tops with these white trousers. the fit is perfect, very slimming and comfortable I am 5ft and the ends are a tiny bit long but nothing I can't stitch up myself.
those iron hems are a life saver aswell you literally just fold up your trousers and iron them in place. you can pick them up from any hardware store.

Items linked here:

and lastly this black over sized jumper and boy am I glad I got this one now!
its so warm and comfy, wearing it as I type and I can already tell I'll be living in this one hahaha! 


Hope you enjoy 
Stay Safe
Sarah x 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Shopping is keeping me sane......

Hey guys,

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well with everything thats going on.
It's been a very scary time, feels like I'm stuck in a nightmare.

All I can say is thank god for online shopping and youtube both are keeping me sane as I'm out of work!

So let's take a look at some pieces I picked up from Femme Luxe this week.....

For styling videos check out my instagram @makeupbysaz_com

Please ignore the wrinkles on the top I didnt have time to iron it haha but I love me a basic tee as you know and it goes perfect with the trousers I got. Remember I got these a few weeks ago in stone and they were too big, well the stone was sold out so I got the black in a size 8 and I LOVE them!!!

Black trouser:

Babe tshirt:


I fell in LOVE with the colour of this dress! I don't know why but I'm really drawn to greens lately. I loved this fit and the shoulder pads literally make this dress! This is also a very snug fit.

sage green dress:


This would be perfect for a hen or engagement party.
I love it!

white jumpsuit:

have you been online shopping too or how are you dealing with lockdown?
love Saz x 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Is green the new black?!

Hey guys,

Hope your all having a good Monday so far.

I just wanted to check in and show you my latest bits from femme luxe.
I just posted this look over on my instagram with the dress I got last month which is the perfect copy of Kylie Jenners designer dress.....

The first item I picked up was this floral blouse I love this because it covers my arms which I'm really insecure about, I did find it was a small fit so glad I ordered the size medium. 


The next item was totally out of my comfort zone, I'm not usually a green fan but I was drawn to this colour what do you think?

I needed to get a dress for a event next week so ordered this pink dress, I love the sleeves I think its so unique!

I loved these cargo trousers, I ordered them in a 10 a few months ago in the khaki colour and loved it but unfortunately the stone colour was a little big for me in the 10. I going to reorder in a size 8 because I ADORE THEM!!!! 

And lastly I picked up this lush green satin top, again I adore the dark green and love the material this is also a snug fitting so no harm in sizing up. 

Which item is your favourite?
Saz x