Sunday, June 29, 2014

Invisalign: 7 weeks into treatment (Tray 1-3 )


               Hey Guys,

  So over  2 months ago I blogged about my decision to get invisalign braces.
I'm now 7 weeks into my treatment and so far so good They are so easy to remove and I'm starting to see results ALREADY. Isn't that crazy?! 

Incase you missed my last post, Invisalign braces are clear removable braces that work exactly like metal braces except they are practically invisible. You can remove them for 1-2 hours a day to eat and drink and simply brush and clip them back in. The only thing you can do with them in is drink water.
My treatment time is just over 15 months depending on how long I remove them a day and I have 23 trays. Each tray is moulded to the shape of your teeth and on how they should look every 2/3 weeks
Here's my progress so far.

Here's a picture of my teeth before I received my braces. My bottom teeth were very very crowded and my top front teeth was twisted and a few other teeth weren't in the right place (so embarrased sharing this picture). My dentist placed these small white implants onto a few of my very twisted teeth. This is different for everyone but it helps stubborn teeth move into place. 

I was very nervous about getting braces in, as Ive heard so many stories about braces being painful so I was pleasantly surprised that my teeth didn't hurt at all!!!! The braces (pictured above) did feel tight for a few days and were very hard to remove for the first 2 days as they were so tight and I was kinda nervous removing them but as the week went on I was surprised at how easy they were to remove.
I couldn't eat properly for a few days, when I removed my braces my teeth were very sensitive and I could almost feel them moving as I was chewing and this totally freaked me out. I gave up all the hard to eat foods and stuck with mashed potato and soup, water and tea but as the weeks went on I found they settled and I could eat more of the foods I enjoy.
I did struggle with a lisp for about a month I felt like my mouth was hugeeeeee and struggled to talk and even covered my mouth in case I spat on someone... disgusting I know!!!!

I'm now 7 weeks into my treatment and I have noticed my bottom teeth have moved and my top twisted tooth has moved a good bit. I have also found I'm so confident with my braces in, no one has really noticed I had them until I take my braces off and they spot the white implants on my teeth and from a distance it even looks like my teeth are just straight which has given me loads of confidence in myself. I was also worried about my videos but I think they look great on camera.
I honestly don't even mind wearing them, It's definitely the best thing I've ever invested in.

Progress: Just 4 weeks into treatment (without braces)

Disadvantages: One of the biggest disadvantages about Invisalign is going out for meals. I personally hate using public bathrooms so its even harder for me to brush my teeth
I also hate that you have to watch your timing so your really rushing your food.
Now I understand why it has to be done so I'm not complaining I know it's not all going to be rosy but it is something that worries me when I go out.

I also cannot wear lipstick that much, I work at a makeup counter so I kinda NEED to wear lipstick I also wear them for my videos but I find it just all sticks to my braces no matter how hard you scrub them and it's kinda gross. However I was told that with normal braces this is a issue aswell as it all sticks to the bars and its harder to remove and clean so I guess in a way it's also a positive thing that you can wear lipstick if you need too.

To finish this post here's a quick snap of me 6 weeks into my treatment with my braces in.
Would you like to see my do a video on my braces?!

Have a good week.
Love Always
Saz xXx