Monday, August 29, 2011

sun kissed tutorial

Hey Girls,

Today Ive decided to take a break from my back to basic's series to do a "sun kissed" look.

So lets get started :)

What I used:

  • Coastal Scents Concealer palette
  • NYX eye shadow base
  • L'oreal True Match foundation in c2 and w3
  • maybelline dream matte powder in golden sand
  • sleek contour kit in light 884
  • NYX trio i used taupe as my midtone and I used brown to fill in my brows
  • NYX trio I used black to define my eyes
  • Natural collection Lip Liner in Almond
  • Brow highlighter from soap and glory
  • NYC seperating mascara
  • NYX orange soda lipstick
  • Sleek lipgloss with vitamin e in a touch of pink (dupe for NARS turkish delight)

face brushes: 
Avon foundation brush
concealer brush
Avon powder brush
peggy sage fluffy brush for bronzer
Dunnes fluffy brush for highligher

eye brushes:
flat shadow brush
mac 224 (fluffy brush)
mac angled brush 266

  1. after preping the skin....conceal check out my post on how to use and apply concealer click here (sorry about my hair it was very early haha)

 2. for blemishes: apply concealer onto the area and press your finger on it for a few seconds this will help the concealer stick to the blemish

3. for my foundation i mixed c2 and w3 on the back of my hand and applied it with a foundation brush starting at the center of the face and working outwards
for foundation tips: click here

4. powder the face using a fluffy brush I wanted a dewy look so I applied very little powder
For tips on face powder: click here

                                 5. I took a brown shadow and filled in my brows with a angled brush
Remember to apply shadow in the direction of hair growth

                               6. Then I took my contour kit and using the contour colour
                                                                 and a fluffy brush

I rolled my brush into the contour

taped of the excess powder
                      and holding the brush at the end of the handle ( for a lighter application)

                       I applied the contour under my cheekbones the brush should barely touch the skin
I also brought the powder up to my temples and forehead for that sun kissed glow

                                                            7. curled my lashes

                             8. And applied a black shadow to the base of my lashes to define my eyes
                         9. Taking a fluffy brush and my midtone colour i sweeped it across my crease

10. Then I took my highlight colour and applied it to my cheekbones, the center of my forehead, down the bridge of my nose and my chin

                                          11. I also used my highlight colour on my lids and applied 3 coats of mascara


                                                12. lined my lips with a lip liner pencil

                                                        13. And applied my lipstick and lipgloss

 14. Then I went back to my highlighter and applied it with a shadow brush to my cupids bow to give the illusion of fuller lips

15. and for my last step I took my brow highlighter

and applied it onto my brow bone

and blended it out and

Ta-da im all done :)
 I love this look it looks so fresh and dewy! 

Here's the finished look :)

Hope this was helpful
saz xxx


Meryem said...

U really make me wanna do some tutorial! I really miss that.
Lemme tell u that i love love love to do this kinna looks on somebody! And see faces when they take a look on the mirror!
So Fresh and perfect look!

inmyhansonshirt said...

Such a pretty, fresh look! You did such a great job.

makeupbysaz said...

@meryem im so glad i inspired you hun
@inmyhasonshirt thank you love! :)

saz xxxx