Thursday, March 31, 2011

NYX products and swatches

Hey girls,
So a few weeks ago I won Katie Elisabeth's NYX contest.
Thank you so much katie :)
Check out her awesome blog:

I had the chance to pick any palette,lipgloss,blush and 2 eye colour pencils i wanted
It was a tough choice but here's what i picked:

  • 2 NYX eyecolour pencils in milk (Ive wanted this for soooo long) and Electric Blue
  • Eyeshadow palette for your eyes only in eye colour blue
  • powder blush in Pinky
  • lipgloss in Dolly Pink
  • Cherry Culture lipbalm in bubble gum (i think this came free with the order)

eye colour pencil swatches:

For your eyes only palette(blue eyes)

These colours are so pretty and pigmented i cant wait to do a tutorial using this palette


I cant wait to use all my products thank you again katie :)


love saz xxxxx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Contest Reminder!! ( win a mac eyeshadow of your choice and lots more)

hey girlys,
just a reminder that theres only 5 more days to enter my contest!!!
you could win yourself a MAC eyeshadow of your choice, and a bag of makeup goodies including barry m and rimmel

click here for more details!!!!!!!

good luck everyone!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleek Review!!


Hey Girls,
So a few weeks ago me and my friend Sinead also known as "The Makeup Chair" from youtube
ordered some sleek products to test and review.
I ordered the i-divine orginal palette, primer palette and some foundation testers and sinead ordered the i-divine orginal palette and the storm palette and a few foundation testers. check out sinead's bridal/prom makeup tutorial using the storm palette here

All products are available at


so here's what I purchased :)

i-divine orginal palette and swatches:

swatches starting from top left...

I loved the colours in this palette and there such good quality and last all day without fading or creasing
The blue colour caught my eye straight away its so bright and pigmented its so pretty!
It also has a matte black colour which is quite hard to find in palettes and its perfect for lining your lids!
the 3rd pink colour from the bottom left looks very like MAC's expensive pink a possible dupe me thinks :)
And best of all this whole palette costs less than 1 mac eyeshadow!!!!!

i-divine primer palette

This palette is really smooth and creamy and the primers blend in well without creasing
Im really happy with this palette :D

1st purple from i-divine orginal palette on its own
2nd purple with the purple primer underneath
see the difference?

I recently did a Rihanna "whos that chick" inspired look(click here to view) using the yellow the green from this collection 2000 poptastic palette with the yellow and green primers underneath and it made a huge difference to the look .
It really made the yellow colour POP!

Heres the proof:
1st yellow on its own
2nd yellow has primer underneath

And lastly i got a foundation tester kit in light/medium

                                      unfortuntly these colours were too dark for me :(
but the foundations were really smooth and easy to blend into the skin!

hope this was helpful
saz xxx
ps . check out my favourite fake tans (so far)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favourite Fake Tans!! (SO FAR)...

My Favourite Fake Tans (so far).......


  • bronz'express is available at selected pharmacys and costs approx 20 euro
  • This is my favourite tan of all time it never lets me down!!
  • Bronz'express devolps differently on every skin tone (comes out darker on sallow skins and lighter on paler skin) it works with your skin giving you a natural sun kissed glow
  • Apply this tan using a tanning mitt (available at primark for 3euro) or boots
  • The tan is a coloured liquid so you can see exactly where your applying it and how much your applying.
  • Tan drys instantly giving you a instant glow and takes about 2 to 3 hours to develop into a darker tan
  • I would recommend applying this tan 2 nights before your occasion so get the perfect colour
  • Avoid showering for a day as this will lighten the tan
  • This tan NEVER comes out patchy but just take special care around your ankles and knees
  • It smells gorgeous..... no more foul smells :)
  • Tan lasts a few days but lightens every time you shower
  • And best of all it doesnt come off patchy and will scrub of easily :D
  • This tan is even used in some salons
  • Picture of me below wearing bronz'express (2coats) on a night out

Garnier summer body

  • I apply this tan every 2nd night before bed with a plastic glove and it gives me a natural looking tan all year round!
  • Suitable for people who just want a subtle tan during the day
  • Once this tan is rubbed in well it wont come out patchy but if your dont it can come out a little patchy but nothing a bit of soap and water cant handle
  • smells like apricots (yum yum)
  • This tan can look a little patchy when coming off but if you use a body scrub you wont have any problems!
  • Body scrubing will remove dead skin cells and renew the skin lifting any patchy bits 
  • take special care applying tan around knees and ankles
  • tan is waterproof
  • Can be applyed using your hands but be sure to wash hands after applying the tan
  • Dove and Johnson's do similar tans that are very good but this is my favourite!
Sally Hansen
air brush legs (tan glow)

  • If im stuck for tan or need a fast tan Sally Hansen works wonders
  • Shake the bottle and spray your legs(or a mitt) and with a mitt rub the tan in as fast as you can as it drys quickly
  • This tan is like a foundation for your legs and is not waterproof
  • Perfect for quick dark tan
  • Tan is meant to be for your legs but it can be used anywhere
  • This tan doesnt smell
  • Has vitamin k

instant tan

  • This tan is a life saver!!!!
  • Apply with a mitt for a instant tan all over
  • This tan is great when your feeling that little bit pale even if you already have a tan on
  • But this tan is not waterproof it will wash off with a little bit of water so its not really suitable for a night out
  • It doesnt smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives you a good tan in seconds
  • This is the matte colour but its also available in shimmer which looks amazing over your own tan on a night out.
  • This tan will stain your hands so make sure you use a mitt or glove
hope this was helpful
love saz xxx
ps. I will be testing more tans and reviewing them so keep a eye out for that!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nicki Minaj "Moment for life" makeup look

Hey girls,
Today im going to do a nicki minaj look as promised which was requested by a follower
this look was loads of fun and pretty simple to do aswell my false lashes werent great as they kinda went out of shape (time to invest in a new pair hehe) but hope you enjoy anyway :)


 What I used:
  • E.L.F  100 eye shadow palette
  • Avon liquid liner in teal
  • Smashbox liner in black
  • Rimmel lipstick in 006 pink blush
  • L'oreal paris true match foundation in W3
  • Girls Aloud false lashes (kimberly)
  • Rimmel black pencil liner
  • Smashbox blusher in fusion lights
  • Rimmel bronzer in medium matte

Step 1.
Prime your lids and your face with a primer

Step 2.
Apply a matte eye shadow thats closest to your own skin colour all over your lids
I used ELF's 100 palette
For more info on this palette check out
 my natural everyday make up tutorial

Step 3.
Apply a teal colour eyeshadow/eyeliner to your lower lid
I used Avon liquid liner as the liner gave a more intense colour like nicki's

Step 4.
Line your top lid with a black liquid liner and line your water line

Step 5.
Apply false lashes if needed
I used kimberly from girls aloud false lashes as they were the only pair i had at the time but if you can find thicker more dramatic lashes they would work perfectly with this look.

Step 6.
Apply a bright pink lippy nikki has her own lipstick called pink 4 friday from MAC
I used 006 pink blush from rimmel which looks pretty close to the colour she wore in the video

Step 7.
Apply your foundation
If your using a liquid foundation apply your foundation on the back of your hand dip your flat foundation brush or sponge into the foundation and starting from the center of your face work outwards  for a more flawless finish.
I used L'oreals true match foundation in w3

Step 8.
Apply bronzer all over your face for that sun kissed glow and apply a light pink blush to your cheek bones
and your all done

saz xxx


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whos that chick inspired look!

Hello girls,

Today im doing a look inspired by Rihannas "Whos that chick" makeup. I toned down the look a little but it still looks pretty cool. soooo lets get started :)

What I used:

  • Urban decay primer potion
  • Sleek primer palette (used green and yellow) (haul coming soon)
  • Collection 2000 poptastic eye palette
  • NYX eyeshadow trio ts 03 nude/taupe/dark brown
  • Rimmel 006 pink blush
  • Peggy sage paris rose passion lip balm
  • Urban decay foundation
  • Avon mascara
  • Urban decay pencil liner
  • Smashbox liner marker in black
  • Rimmel medium matte bronzer
  • Coastal scents blush pallete

  1. Prime your lids as always to avoid creasing
  2. If you have a green/yellow primer its defo worth using to make your colours look more vibrant  im using sleek primer palette which costs approx 9 euro on their website but i will have a sleek haul coming up soon. I applied the yellow colour all over my lid and the green colour to my lower lid

3. Using a bright yellow colour apply it all over your lids and the inner corners of your eyes with a flat shader brush to pack the colour on
I used collection 2000 poptastic palette its only costs about 6euro and i must say its quite a good palette the colours are gorgeous and are so pigmented and best of all they last all day.

4.Then taking a dark brown colour apply it across your crease blending it in well start with a small amount and build up the colour slowly to avoid over doing the brown and use a matte white or nude colour as your highlight under your brows
5. Line your waterline and tight line with a black pencil liner
6. Apply a green colour to your lower lids
7. Line your top lid with a liquid liner,curl your lashes and add mascara (false eyelashes are optional)
8. Apply your foundation and bronzer

9. Apply a bright pink blusher if you want it as bright as rihannas use a good bit if you want something less dramatic dab your brush on the back of your hand before applying the colour apply the colour on your cheek bones and blend out using a clean powder brush
If you dont have a bright pink blusher you can use a bright pink eyeshadow or a bright pink matte lipstick.
I used my coastal scents blush palette available at

10. Apply a pink lipstick and your all done :)
I used rimmels pink blush which is a light pink colour and applied a bright pink lip balm from paggy sage over it. I got peggy sage products in my college kit but they are available to buy on
but Barry m,NYX and M.A.C  do similar colours.


For my hair: all I did was brush my hair to one side and tie my hair back in a bun. I left some hair loose and curled it.

Hope this was helpful!
love saz xxx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Natural Everyday Look

hey girls,
Just wanted to take a moment to say a big big thank you to everyone who has followed me or has ever commented my blog, from day one you have supported me and im really grateful :) I reached 200 followers today so im really excited thank you :D

Today im going to do a natural everyday look using golds and browns that is suitable for everyone :)
so lets get started....

Products I used:

  • ELF 100 palette
  • Urban Decay Palette (used sin) for swatches click here
  • Urban Decay mineral foundation in supernova
  • Benefit bad girl lash mascara
  • Nyx concealer in light
  • Smashbox eye primer
  • Rimmel bronzer in medium matte
  • Urban decay liner pencil in zero
  • Natural collection lip liner in almond
  • Smashbox blusher in fusion soft lights
  • Rimmel lipstick in 700 nude delight

1. Light brown (matte)
2. champayne shimmer colour
3. matte white as highlight

I used this palette but use any colours similar to these will work.
You will find the same colours in the coastal scents 88 palette.


This 100 palette is available on the ELF website

If your from Europe or any other country use the english website and click on your flag to change currency

swatches with flash

swatches without flash

I like this palette but sometimes I find the colours can be a bit powdery and some colours are not as pigmented as i hoped but overall its a handy palette to have as it has every colour you need and it only costs 15 euro for the 100 palette and 10 euro for the 32 palette.
but I still would recommend coastal scents 88 palette instead of this palette as the colours are so pigmented and are such great quality and are around the same price.
I will be ordering more products from ELF soon and ill do review when ive tested the products.


  • Prime your eyelids using any primer you have ELF/Smashbox/ 2faced/Nyx and Urban decay all do good primers!
  • Apply a gold colour to your lids I used sin from urban decay
  • Now take a light brown colour and apply a little bit of this colour with a fluffy brush on the outer corners of your lids creating a V shape and blend out. this is a natural look so dont apply too much brown
  • Take a champayne colour and with a sponge applicator (these come with most eyeshadows you purchase) and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes this will brighten and open your eyes
  • Then flip the applicator or take a flat brush apply a matte white under your brows this is used to highlight your brows and complete the look
  • liner your water line and tight line to make your lashes look thicker and apply mascara
  • fill in your brows with a brown eye shadow using a angled brush.
  • learn how to shape and tint your eyebrows click here

  • Prime your face and apply your foundation as normal ( for foundation tips click here )
  • conceal any blemishes or dark circles
  • Suck in your cheeks and make a fish face and apply bronzer in the hollows to contour and make your face look slimmer. (blend the colour in well you dont want any harsh lines)
  • Apply blusher to your cheek bones
  •  finish off the look by sweeping face powder all over the face to seal the foundation and help it last longer
  • line your lips with a nude pencil liner and apply a nude lipstick and your done :)


If you have any requests just comment below or email me I also have rihanna whos that chick tutorial and a nikki minaj tutorial coming up this week.

 Dont forget to enter my contest you could win a M.A.C eyeshadow of your choice and lots more :)
love saz xxx