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Back to Basics: part 2. How to apply Foundation and Find the right shade for you!

Hey girls,
So in my last post i blogged about concealer how to use and apply it
If you want to see this post click here
My next post about foundations today im going tell you about different foundations and show you how to find the right shade for you and how to apply it!

so lets get started!!!!

foundation comes in many different forms
  • liquid (most popular,light to medium coverage,colour for every skin type, oil free,waterbased)
  • cream (normal to dry skin, heavy texture,kinder to skin,can use as concealer,control coverage)
  • mousse (great coverage,looks natural,blends well dry to oily skin)
  • stick (normal to dry skin,acts as a cream and concealer )
  • cream to powder (normal to oily,no powder needed,more coverage than liquid)
  • tinted moisturiser (best for normal to dry skin, breathable,sheer,naked finish)
  • powder compact ( normal to oily, sheer to medium coverage)
  • mineral powder (sheer to medium coverage,normal to oily skin,sensitive skin, contains vitamins and minerals)
  • air brush/spray (used on tv max coverage, all skin types and is water resistant)

*foundation is the most important makeup product you put on your skin because it is the base of your look.
higher priced foundations contain higher quality pigments which last longer on your skin and lower priced foundations have less pigments that dont wear as long so if your going to splash out on any make up product i recommend you to spend it on foundation but there is nothing wrong with using drugstore brands the only difference is they wont last as long! They are not in any way bad for your skin!!

How to find the right shade for you! 
the best way to find the right colour foundation is to stripe test
take 2 or 3 colours that you think are closest to your skin colour.
Your goal is to match your neck!

for light/ivory skin tones stripe test from jaw to neck
for medium to beige skin tones apply jaw to neck
and for bronze/ebony skin tones stripe test cheek to jaw
(this is because some bronze/ebony skin can have skin tone variatation or facial masking which means skin is darker on outer edges of face) 
if you have roseasa stripe test on red area to get right colour
allow colours to set for a few minutes as oils in the skin can change the colour of the foundation
the right colour should nearly disappear.
for ivory and beige skin tones choose a foundation with yellow undertones as yellow conteracts any skin discoloration/conditions 
 bronze/ebony skins should brighten not lighten their skin, intense golden orange tones work well.
colour is provided by blush/lipstick/bronzer not foundation!!!!
If you find your foundation looks blotchy and uneven you may be using the wrong formula for your skin type (oils in skin react with product)

Dont forget to cleanse and moisturise you skin daily if your skin is not looked after your foundation wont look as nice

foundation primer is used after moisturiser, it acts as a barrier to protect your skin and pores from the foundation, helps your foundation last longer and it leaves your skin feeling sliky soft

How to apply foundation!

The best way to apply foundation is to start from the center of your face and blend outwards
start with a small amount of foundation, build colour up slowly and pay special attention to hairline and jawline.

I always squeeze a small bit of foundation on the back of my hand, i find that this works best when applying foundation with a brush or sponge.

you can apply foundation with a flat foundation brush

with a sponge

you can stipple/pat liquid foundation into the skin with a fluffy brush like this one
this brush is also good for applying powder foundation

or use your best tool...... your fingers :)

hope this was helpful :)
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love always
 saz xxx

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Finding your foundation shades is something really really hard for me. Thanks for the post! :D