Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Kim Kardashian look for less (moschino)

Hey Guys,
Hope you had a fab week I'm back again with another Fashion Friday :)
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Here I am chilling with my bestie kim kardashian haha!

Top: River Island €15
Shorts H&M €10 euro sale
Moschino belt (vintage) ebay £100
Shoes: Liverpool outlet centre
Bag: shop in NYC
Jewellery: Primark
Sunglasses: Awear

If your buying a Moschino Designer vintage belt on ebay watch out for fakes.
(some people are selling fakes for high prices and saying it's real) make sure your belt has a redwall stamp on the inside at the back of the belt and made in Italy and a serial code stamped on each letter.

                                         Watch the video here:

love always
Saz xx

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fashion Fridays: A dress for every occasion

Hey guys,
Welcome back to another Fashion Friday. 
I got a few emails from my subscribers asking me to help them pick a dress for a occasion or help them style it. So I decided for this Fashion Friday Id go out and buy a few dresses and show you guys how I would style them. All dresses are available to buy in store or online,
Im not advertising any company's or getting paid to do this post.

Hope you like it and have a lovely weekend :)

The First dress is from Oasis €81 This is my favourite of the 5.
I think this dress is very classy and mature and very glamorous and would be perfect for a wedding, a dinner party, christening any kind of important event. 

I went with nude accessories black would also be perfect or a gold sandle. I would keep jewellery to a minimum go for a classy bracelet and drop earings or studs and keep your neck free or instead of earings you could go for a tiny classy necklace.

french manicure, soft pink, black or purple

I would stick with browns, gold, bronze colours and a nude or soft natural pink lip
like this video

            Dress linked here:

The 2nd dress is from Quiz. €56
It's a navy chiffon dress (although the camera thinks different) with silver detailing on the waist and shoulders This dress also comes in nude.
Quiz have lovely dresses that are suitable for young teenagers. This dress would be suitable for a wedding or any big event.

I wore this dress with natural suede platforms and a nude clutch
you would also get away with a silver shoe or clutch but I personally wouldn't go for both together as there's already silver detailing on the dress.

This dress would look great on any body shape because its loose from the waist down so if your a Apple a Pear or a Hourglass will be hiding your curves and the silver detailing is just above your waist so it won't draw any attention to lumps or bumps and if you have a boyish shape figure the v shape neckline and padding it will give the illusion of curves and if your well endowed the V shaped neckline will break up the chest.

I would go for a french manicure, stick on nails like the broadway nails Im wearing in the video, a soft pink or even red.

I would go for a brown smokey eyes or a very natural bridal look (like the picture below) you could also go for a champayne or natual colour on your lids with navy blended into the other corners of your lids or if your going for nude accessories you could try a sliver glitter liner.
 then a nude or soft natural pink lip to finish.

(looks purple here weird)

So for the 3rd outfit I cheated lol I choose a skirt (miss selfridge €59) because unlike a dress it's very versatile
You can dress it up or down with heels and this black vest top I think it looks very dressy and very classy it would also look great with a blouse or lace and it would be suitable for any important event then with flats you could wear it on holidays or to a beach party.
The leopard print draws the eyes away from any lumps and bumps and the black on top makes you appear slimmer and if your tall even better you will look amazing in this and it will really show off your gorgeous long legs in this skirt, if your well endowed on top wear a V shaped neckline to break up the chest and make you look slimmer or if you have a boyish figure this skirt with hug your waist which is your best feature and hide the slimmest part of your legs you can also go for a padded bra to lift the chest or a V shaped or wrap neckline to give the illusion of curves without over accentuating your bust.

Again I went for a nude shoe a black/silver shoulder bag and a silver bracelet you could also go for black shoes or brown or gold sandles

french manicure, brown, golds, black, red or soft pink, 

Again you could go for browns golds,bronze you could also go for a red lip.
This katy perry look would be perfect

The 4th dress is a little bit more casual
I would wear this on holidays during the day to the beach or wear it with heels to dinner or to a party
I'm loving the colours in this dress and the hi-lo style that's a huge trend at the moment.
This dress is from H&M and is only €29.95

I paired it with gold sandles and a gold bangle and a cream/black casual handbag
very simple

So much to choose from a french manicure, soft pink, blue, green, mint, red, purple, gold.

If your wearing this during the day keep it natural
or a natural bridal style look would be perfect you really don't want to overdo it.
and pink,peach or nude lips

And lastly a very classy LBD but with a twist this gorgeous black dress comes with the peplum style that's a huge trend at the moment.
This dress is from Oasis and is amazing value €56 what a fanstatic price and black is so versatitle
This dress is figure hugging but if your a pear, hourglass or a boyish shape you could totally pull this off the peplum detail is so flattering and really eye catching again drawing the eyes away from your curves or lack of curves and straight to the waist yeah baby! also black is slimming.


Really anything goes!!!!!

Here I went for a pin up look and a coral red lip

For more idea's check out my video here :)

Hope this helps.
Love always 
Saz xxx

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Cameron Diaz Inspired look

Hey Guys,

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!! woohoo :)
Hope everyone had a good week!  

I always loved Fridays when I was young arts and crafts all day and then no homework................ what more could a child ask for haha Those were the day's eh although we still look forward to Friday's now but for very different reasons :P
Let's hope my Fashion Fridays are one of them hehe,so excited to be back with another Fashion Fridays video/post and like always send me pictures to my facebook, twitter or even by email :)

* My Outfit*
Blazer/Top/bag: Primark
Jeans: Oasis (cherry crops)
shoes: Charlotte russe
Bracelet: Guess
Clutch: H&M

****My Twist*****

Love always
Saz xxx

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Monday, August 6, 2012

O.O.T.D: I always knew I was a star..........

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend or the long weekend if your living in Ireland :)
Ive been very bust today filming my next fashion fridays video so excited!
My collab video with The makeup chair will be up on my channel tomorrow but in the mean time here's my outfit of the day.

*Outfit details*

Hat: Oasis
Top: Miss selfridge
Leggings: H&M
Sandles: Jane norman (old)
Bracelet: Primark
Nails: Luxe Lavender Avon

Twitter: @sazybaby

Enjoy the rest of your evening!
love always
Saz xx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion Friday: Kim Kardashian Inspired Look

Hey Guys,
Welcome back to my blog.

I'm so excited because today is Friday and not only is it a long weekend here in Ireland it's also the first episode of my new series FASHION FRIDAYS! (yay doing a little dance) 
I kinda cheated for my first celebrity outfit I just recreated a  Kim Kardashian look that was most viewed on my blog so you may have already seen this (but not in HD quality :p)
So here goes...............

Hope you like this look and Don't forget to send me your requests for next week
Hugs and kisses
saz xx

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

Wow it's been sooooo long :)
Hope everyone is doing really well! 
I've missed you guys but I'm finally back for good. I took sometime out from blogging to concentrate on my youtube channel and now that I've got my head around everything I feel like im now able to juggle the two without getting bogged down!!! 
So the plan is to keep my blog for "outfits of the day" posts and maybe product reviews and swatches.

I'm also very excited to start my new series called "Fashion Fridays" 
So every Friday I will upload a celebrity inspired look or a how to style video and then post pictures here along with the video so my blog and channel will compliment each other :)
Sound good? 
Awesome! but I need your help of course.............
 Send me pictures on facebook or by email of  a celebrity look you would like me to re-create or request any fashion video you would like me to do.
I love getting feedback from you then I know exactly what you want to see and what to you don't!

In the mean time here's my lastest video on what I've been up too and i shall meet you all back here tomorrow.
Hugs and kisses
love always
saz x

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