Saturday, January 22, 2011

Water Marbling Tutorial

Hey girls,
So today I tried water marbling for the first time :) 
Alot of people were asking how its done so I decided to do a tutorial on it!
So lets get started!

  • Tissue paper
  • A plastic or paper cup
  • Room temperature water
  • tape
  • A wood stick or a chopstick
  • 2 or 3 nail polishes
  •  Have a bit of nail polish remover handy incase you make mistakes :)
Colours I used:
opi white
opi purple with a purpose
Avon lavender

Set up your work area and paint your nails a base colour i picked white.
 Cover your fingers in tape to avoid the polish from getting on your fingers or stuck in your cuticles and under your nails.
You dont have to do this step but I think its easier and you make less of a mess.

When your done your fingers should look like this!

Now fill your cup with water and pick your colours
2 or 3 colours should be enough i picked a lavender and a dark purple.
Take your first colour and let the polish drip into the cup and keep repeating this step using all your colours.

The cup should then look like this.
Dont add to much because the polish in the cup will start to dry so you need to work fast! 

Now take your stick and draw your design.
Always start from the outside.

 Dip your fingers in.
I found it easier to do 2 fingers at a time.

Clean the left over polish up with your wood stick so the water will be clean for the next round.

When your finished your fingers will look something like this.
The polish drys straight away so you can remove the tape when your ready.
(I found it easier to cut the tape off.)

If any polish gets on your skin dont worry.
A bit of nail varnish remover on a cotton bud will clean it all up!

Now your all done :)
If this doesnt work for you your water might to be cold it needs to be room temperature.
Try leaving a bottle of water in a room for a few hours!

other colours I have tried :)

Hope this was helpful
love saz xx

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tag! I am it?!

Hey girlys,
Today im just doing a quick question and answer post I was tagged in,
In the next few weeks ill be doing a "how to tint your eyebrows like a professional at home" tutorial and a few more makeup tutorials including "how to apply eyeliner" tutorial  and review which was requested :)
so keep a eye out for more posts!!

I Got Tagged By bostoniancouture
thanks hun :)


1.Which lipstick/ lip gloss did you use most often in 2010?

MACs viva glam gaga lipstick! its such a gorgeous colour but most of the time I just wear carmex lip balm

2.What was your favorite eyeshadow this year?

Ive way too many favourites I couldnt pick one! But my favourite eyeshadow palette was the coastal scents 88 shimmer palette. Its the best palette ive ever bought!!!!! I have a few tutorials using this palette!

3.What product for the complexion (foundation, blush, etc.,) did you use the most?

Urban Decays mineral foundation. its so light I forget im wearing foundation but it has great coverage!

4.Your favorite nail polish color of 2010?

hmm this is a tough one..... its between my Avon lavender polish and my Sephora "how cute is that" one

5.Which skin care product would you not give up under any circumstances?

MAC moisturelush cream Ive very dry skin and this cream is the best cream Ive ever used!!!

6.What is your favorite personal care product?

lemon tea :)

7. Your usually worn fragrance in 2010?

DKNY ita such a gorgeous fresh,floral fragrance and Black XS

8. What was your personal favorite jewelry piece?

I dont have a favourite i love all fashion jewellery!

9. What have you discovered in 2010 that is new for you (new products, inspirations, blogs, hobbies, etc.,)?

I decovered a very talented makeup guru sinead "The makeup chair" from ireland and is now a good friend of mine.
check out her channel on youtube shes amazing!! The makeup chair

10. Do you have resolutions for 2011? If so, what are they?

 Just to be myself, follow my dreams and not to let small minded people bring me down!! :)


Thanks for reading!
love saz xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avon Review!!!

 Hey guys,
Today im going to do a Avon Review. Ive been using Avon products for the last year and im really impressed  I never thought the products would be as good as they are.
Avon products are really good quality and are so affordable and I dont think people realise this.
So I said I would do a review on the latest products I purchased.
*I bought all these products myself, this is my honest opinon and i am not in any way getting paid to do this review :)

I bought a foundation brush and it was so good I ended up buying the whole set!
I love love love these face brushes!
  • The hairs on these brushes are super super soft
  • I love the fact the brushes are all black I think they look so professional
  • The label doesnt wear off.... unlike mac brushes
  • The brushes are easy to clean
  • The hairs dont shed at all!!
Overall I give these brushes 9 out of 10
only because im not a huge fan of the shadow brush it could be more flexable and it doesnt pack on much colour otherwise they are just as good as my mac brushes!!
I wish they sold more brushes :(

Powder brush
This is great for applying powder foundation,pressed powder and blush

 Angled brush
great for applying blush and bronzer
i love using this brush for contouring because it gets right into the hollows of your cheeks!

Foundation brush
Great at applying liquid foundation it gives you that flawless finish!!

Shadow brush
i do like this brush but it wouldnt be my favourite i think it could be a little more flexable
the smudger is great though!

 all brushes come in these cute little cases
they are so handy you can just pop your brushes into your handbag and they wont get dirty or

This is the 8 in 1 eye palette in smoky eye
This palette also comes in neutral tones
These colours are really pigmented and long lasting i will be doing a makeup tutorial soon using this palette!!

I love this cute little hello kitty makeup bag
I just had to get it :)

 I got 4 of these eyeshadow quads because i loved the colours so much again they are really pigmented and long lasting!
  • 1st quad is Denim Blues( I have a tutorial using this quad)
  • 2nd quad is Smokey Eyes
  • 3rd quad is Mocha Latte
  • 4th quad is Fresh Cut Greens

Smokey Eyes Quad Swatch

Fresh Cut Greens Quad Swatch

Pressed Powder (in light medium)
This is one of my favourite powders
  • Easy to use
  • Doesnt look cakey
  • Long lasting
  • Sponge comes with it
  • Doesnt make your face look white in pictures

Super shock intense mascara in black
ive used so many mascaras and i always come back to this one.
ive used it in most of my tutorials.
The wand is quite long so its perfect for getting full coverage in one layer!
effortless :)

Arabian Glow Multstylo (Shimmering bronze) this is great for in the summer months to give you that sun kissed glow 
It can be used on your lips,cheeks and eyes
I use it on my cheeks to give me a natural glow :)


Avon pro brow enhancer in brown
This isnt my favourite product but its great for taming your brows without leaving them sticky
You cant really see the brown tint!

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Perfect Peach
I love this lipstick its quite a sheer shimmery colour ive used it in one or two of my tutorials!

and last but not least
Avon nailwear pro in lavender
its a gorgeous lilac colour and will stay chip free for a few days if you apply two coats :)
For more nail polishes check out my funky nails post...

Hope this was helpful
love saz xx

Monday, January 10, 2011

how to look like rihanna :)

hey girls!!!
I got a few requests to do tutorials on some of rihanna's looks
so I searched the internet and even though her makeup is always gorgeous i managed to pick two of favourite looks to do today.

so heres the first look....


  • Smashbox oil free face primer
  • Smashbox lid primer
  • NYX concealer in light and green
  • Revlon photoready foundation in beige
  • Avon pressed powder
  • Avon supershock intense mascara
  • Rimmel medium matte bronzer
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in zero
  • l'oreal super liner in carbon gloss
  • Gesso eyeshadow by MAC
  • 1000 hour natural lashes in envious black (available in boots and supervalu)
  • Coastal scents 88 shimmer palette
  • Coastal scents blush palette
Ok so lets get started:
  • Prime your face and your lids
  • Apply a green concealer where needed the green cancels out any redness on your face esp from blemishes i also find that its great for brightening up your undereyes 
  • Blend in concealer gently under eyes with your ring finger
  • Then taking a light green eyeshadow (1) apply in the center of your lids using a flat brush i used my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette
  • Then flip your brush and taking a slightly darker green colour (2) apply in the outer half of your eyes blending both colours together using a blending brush. the dark colour will create depth to the eye
  • Now use a matte white eyeshadow to highlight the eyebrow and inner corners of your eye for this I used macs gesso.
  • Line your water line using a black pencil liner
  • Line you lids using a liquid liner (how to apply liner tutorial coming soon!)
  • Apply your foundation using a sponge or foundation brush start from the center and work outwards
  • Apply concealer if needed and blend in using your ring finger.
  • Now take your pressed powder and with your sponge roll over your face to set foundation or if using a powder brush apply powder in downward strokes so you dont interfere with the natural hairs on your face.
  • Rihanna has gorgeous glowing bronzed skin so apply bronzer on your cheeks,nose,forehead and jaw line to give you that brozed look
  • And use a light pink blush on your cheeks.
  •  I used coastal scents blush palette below the colour i used is marked

  • Apply false lashes if needed and a light pink lipgloss to finish off the look :)

  • I used Avon lipgloss in candy cane



    • Smashbox oil free face primer
    • Smashbox lid primer
    • NYX foundation in beige
    • NYX concealer in light
    • NYX eyeshadow in 59 hot pink
    • Woodwinked by mac
    • Texture by mac
    • Gorgeous gold  by mac
    • Urban decay pencil liner in zero
    • L'oreal liquid liner in carbon gloss
    • Rimmel bronzer in medium matte
    • Avon super shock intense mascara
    • Essence eyebrow pencil
    • Hush frost cream highlight by mac
    • 1000 hour natural lashes in envious black
    • Bronze lipstick

    Ok so lets get started....
    • Prime face and lids
    • Apply a goldy bronze colour to your lids i used macs woodwinked
    • Apply a tan colour shadow across your crease this colour is a similiar shade to rihannas skin so it shows up darker on me than it does on her for this I used texture by mac and blended both colours together.
    • Next apply a gold colour to your inner cornerS and under your brow to add a nice glow to the look I used gorgeous gold by mac but any gold colour will do the trick!
    • Apply a hot pink colour to your lower lids I used a hot pink colour by NYX
    • Line your water line using a black pencil
    • Line your lids using a black liquid liner
    • Apply lashes curl and add mascara
    • Conceal your under eyes and any blemishes you may have and apply your foundation
    • I used a shade darker than I normally use to give me that sun kissed glow that rihanna has
    • Apply bronzer to your cheeks,forehead,nose,chin and jawline
    • Rihanna doesnt look like shes wearing any blush but she has a nice glow on her cheeks so apply a highlight to your cheeks
    • Rihanna doesnt seem to have her brows filled in so lightly apply a light brown brow pencil
    •  Apply a bronze lipstick and use a clear lipgloss over it so the colour wont be too intense and your done :)
    • You dont have to use a hot pink colour to give you that pop of colour you could use purple,blue,teal any colour would look amazing!!

    hope ye liked this post dont forget to follow!!
    love saz xx