Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stepping into Spring O.O.T.D

**Outfit Details**
Tiger T-shirt: Forever21
Shorts: Oasis
Tights/Socks and Bag: primark
Boots: Forever21
Watch: Guess?!
Nails: Sally Hansen nail stickers

Have a nice Sunday!
love always
Saz xxx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your So Last Season...... O.O.T.D

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well.
Sooooo......I'm back from my trip to London/Essex :( 
Which was awesome but I've got those back to reality blues haha.

Today's Outfit of the day was Soooo last season (hence the name)
To be perfectly honest I only use trends as a guide line and I wear what I want.....but I'm sure Im not alone :)
To see whats in trend for this spring/summer check out my Spring trends for 2013 video here:

**Outfit **
Top and Boots: Primark
Bag: River Island
Jeans: Oasis
Watch: Guess
Chain: Forever21

Big Thank you to my Bestie Lolly for taking part, she's a bit camera shy :P

Love Always
Saz xxxx

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty Little Secret Shhhhh!

Hey Everyone,

                             Sooooooo to begin I was out of work sick a few weeks back. I found myself bored to tears being stuck in bed so naturally I needed to find something to keep my mind busy and to avoid going completely insane, so I decided to watch Pretty Little Liars.

Now I watched one episode a very long time ago and I had no idea what was going on so I never bothered to watch more but I knew I'd love all the fashion and makeup looks.

So I turned on Season 1, Episode 1 and from there I was instantly hooked......
I watched 10 episodes a day if not more, some nights staying up till 3am, 
then went to sleep only to dream about the show (I literally did HA!)
I could not wait to get up everyday to watch more of my girls. 
I think It's save to say I was OBSESSED!!

3 weeks later........ 

I've finished all 3 seasons (yup all 71 episodes) and now I'm wondering What will I do with my life, What will I watch??!! June is aaaages away???!!! I can't wait that long!!!!!!
But But But....What happened to toby? Who's red coat? Is Ali alive? How is this possible? Is it all another trick? Will we ever find out who A is???? 

So now that my secret is out. 
Please tell me I'm not alone. Are you obsessed too?? Who's your favourite??!!
Anything else worth watching???

Love Always
Saz xXx

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Body shapes: The Hourglass

Hey Guys,

So the 4th video in my body shapes series is the Hourglass shape
Since Marlin Monroe and Kim Kardashian the hourglass has become the most desired body shape in all the land.... why??
because of its sexy curves in all the right places!!

The hourglass shapes is completely balanced.Your top and bottom half with be in proportion and you will have a defined waistline. 
Hourglasses do come in different sizes so if your thinking I don't have big boobs and a big butt so I'm not a hourglass.... your wrong!!

The key here is your shoulders, your shoulders and hips will be the same width and another tip you will take the same clothing size on both top and bottom!! 
If all else fails get out your measuring tape haha!! 

The key to dressing the hourglass is to encourage the eye to take in the whole shape rather than a certain area, So basically when you look at the person you wont look straight at their chest or straight to the hips you will find yourself looking up and down....... which is exactly what I found myself doing when I looked at Kelly's and Kim Ks outfits hehe!!

Check out my video on tips to dress for your fab shape!!
Also how gorgeous does Kim K look in blue! #WOWZA

love always 
Saz xxx

Monday, April 8, 2013

Body Shapes: The Apple/Rounded shape

Hey Guys,
So the next body shape is the Apple...

Apple body shapes carry most of there weight on their tummys now you may be very skinny elsewhere but you will carry excess weight around your tummy and no waist difinition and most apples tend to have wide shoulders and big busts.
Reminds me of a lollipop.... round on top and straight on the bottom.

This for me is the most interesting body shape because it can be completely transformed just by choosing the right clothing!!!!!

Is this you???
Find out how to dress your shape here....

love always
Saz xxxx

Body Shapes: The Rectangle/Ruler

Hey Guys, 
So body shape number two is the rectangle.

The rectangle body shape has little to no curves and no waist definition so straight away I know your thinking MODELS.
Yes most... not all models have this body shape, this can be a touchy subject but the reason why models have this body shape is because it's soooo easy to dress.

The key to dressing to rectangle shape is to give illusion of curves by creating curvature on top and button. 
How do you do that??......
Check out my video of course and I'll tell you everything you need to know about the rectangle body shape ;)

Love always
Saz xxx