Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vanessa Hudgen's inspired look

Hey Girls,

IM BACK :) :) ..........

Gosh i missed you guys sooo much so glad to be back!!!!!
I took some time out from blogging because i moved house and had a few things going on in my life but im finally back for good!

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Today im going to do a Vanessa Hudgens Inspired Look!

Vanessa was recently seen at a disney premire wearing this beautiful black dress and i love how she added a pop of colour with these gorgeous bright baby blue eyes and nude lip.

Step 1.
conceal your eyelids and then apply powder to set, this is another way of priming your eyelids!

Step 2.

Take a baby blue cream eye shadow and apply all over you lids up to your crease.
I used my fingers instead of a using a brush for this to avoid applying to much cream on my lids which will only cause creasing.
** Using a cream shadow is totally optional! But using a cream before a powder will make the colour more intense and it will last a whole lot longer.
Im using Avons colour trend cream eyeshadow

Step 3.
Taking a flat shadow brush, dip it into a baby blue eye shadow
and apply the colour using patting movements this will really help pack on the colour. apply this colour on your lower lids aswell
I used NYC eyeshadow in 913 high street

Step 4.

Now for your midtone, take a matte eye shadow that is close to your skin colour and apply it across your crease starting from the outside corner sweeping in towards your nose with a fluffy blending brush.
im using a taupe colour from NYX

Step 5.
Apply a matte highlight to your brow bone i used a vanilla colour from NYX shown above and a shimmery highlight colour to your inner corners to open up your eye. i used rimmel's moon stone

Step 6.
Line your lids using a black liquid liner, you can soften the look by applying a black shadow on top of the liquid liner.
Line your waterline using a black pencil liner

Step 7.

curl your lashes and apply mascara or false lashes

Step 8.
Apply foundation
Check out how I apply my foundation here!!!

Step 9.
Vanessa looks very sun kissed so i applied bronzer on my forehead, temples, jaw line and under my cheek bones to give me that sun kissed look and kept blush to a minimum

Step 10.
for my lips i used a rimmels nude delight 700 and finished off the look with a clear lip gloss.

and here's the finished look :)

                                 such a simple look to do and it looks great on all eye colours :)

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                  love saz xxx


inmyhansonshirt said...

Love this look, it's gorgeous! :)

DaphYin said...

Beautiful! :)

o0SerenityAngel0o said...

ooh! very gorgeous look I love the pop of color :)

Ramona said...

well done darling!

xoxo Ra