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Back to Basic's part 4: blush and bronzer

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So as promised here's part 4 of my back to basic's series :)

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Why do we use Blush?
Blush is used to brighten and add life to your face.

What shade would suit my skin tone?

ivory/beige skin: a soft pink works best
mature skin: a peach blush will look more natural and fresher
olive skin: a blush with warm undertones works best such as cinnamon or copper
Ebony skin: use a blush with warm undertones like apricot

How many types of blush are out there?

Blush comes in 4 different textures:

Powder -works with all skin types, best for oily skin, most popular

Cream - fresh dewy finish and natural glow best for dry skin, and worst for oily skin, apply before powder, don’t need to wear foundation

                                         Natural Collection cream blush in Rosy Pink

Gel - sheer glow, long lasting, looks natural, apply before powder, can use it with or without foundation.
Unfortunately I don't own a gel blush so i have no swatches :( but i know this gel blush from Smashbox is meant to be fantastic! I will be buy it soon and ill put swatches up then.

Liquid- liquid that stains the skin, needs to be blended quickly, waterproof, will last all day

                                                            Opia liquid blush from primark

How do I apply blush: 
Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks blending out towards your ear

TIP: For a long lasting blush apply... a cream blush on the apples of cheeks blending towards your ear after you have applied your foundation then powder your face and apply your powder blush.
You can also us lipstick as a cream blush.

Why do we use Bronzer?
Bronzer is used to give a warm healthy glow to the skin

Is there different types of bronzer?
Powder- most popular, easy to control and blend, comes in pressed, loose, balls/beads

Cream- great on dry skin or if you don’t want to wear foundation

You can also us a liquid foundation 1 or 2 shades darker than your foundation as a bronzer

Tip: I would recommend using a matte bronzer, sometimes bronzer's with a shimmer can look unnatural and make any textural flaws look more obvious!!!!

How to apply bronzer:
Dust bronzing powder along outer edges of your face and cheekbones with a fluffy brush, start at the back of cheekbone and sweep it forward and up to the temples

If your using a cream dot the colour along cheek bone and blend

You can also apply bronzer all over your face to give you a natural tan rather than using a foundation that is to dark for you.

 Back to Basic's part 5: Highlighting and contouring will be up tomorrow

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        Hope this was helpful! :)
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