Friday, August 20, 2010


Hey everyone :)
Im so sorry i havent posted anything this week ive been really busy :( but i promise i will be posting loads in the next few weeks! Today im just putting up a few swatches of my recent purchases!

I still have to do an avon haul and kim kardashian inspired looks part 2 so i will do that asap!!!!!!!!!!
I hope everyone is having a good week and thanks so much to all my followers i never thought id get 89 followers and nearly 2,000 views in 2 months! so thanks so much girls i really appreciate your support :)

ok my first purchase is from coastal scents its the 10 color blush palette
i heard alot about this palette so i decided to try it myself and i absolutely love it! it has so many cute shades of pink to choose from and its a must have for doing other peoples makeup :) 

         swatches are in order starting from top left hand corner!!
                         (i forgot the 8th blush so its the last swatch on my outer arm)

                               My next purchase is urban decays ammo shadow box 

             I love urban decays eyeshadow palettes their packaging is so pretty and their eyeshadows are so vibrant!!
The only negative thing i have to say about urban decay is that their eyeshadows have to much glitter in them causing alot of fall out so watch out for that!!


                  My next purchase is multistylo in shimmering bronze from avon!

this is a 3 in 1!!!! it can be used as an eyeshadow,lipstick or on your cheeks!
i didnt like this colour on my lips because it was to dark and i didnt like it as a eyeshadow as it was to sticky on my eyes but it made a great highlight on the balls of my cheeks :)
it gave my cheeks a nice sun kissed glow perfect for a hot summers day!

                                             multistylio in shimmering bronze from avon
                                                3 in 1 for eyes,lips and cheeks!


 My last purchase is a lipstick and lipgloss from avon these are my favourite lip colours at the moment :)

                                  colour trend lipgloss in iced champink from avon

                         glazewear sparkle lipgloss in sugar cane from avon

                                         SWATCH 1 (LEFT) LIPGLOSS
                                         SWATCH 2 (RIGHT) LIPSTICK

check out avon onlines brochure:

love always
saz xxx


Savannah said...

Do you like the Coastal Scents blush, is the wear time good? I've been looking at for awhile now.. Maybe you could do a review on it?


makeupbysaz said...

hey savannah :)
ive only just got the palette so im not to sure yet about the wear time but the colours are gorgeous i love them! ill test it out for a while and ill let you know!
take care saz xxx

Charming Vanity said...

Great swatches! I'll probably check the palette out! =)

Curves ahead makeup said...

Great swatches love the urban decay pallet
great post !!

Shop N' Chomp said...

The Coastal Scents palette is so pretty! *^_^*

makeupbysaz said...

thanks girls :)
ah someone un followed me :( so now ive 88 followers xx

Beauty Style Addict said...

i really like the urban decay palette; the colours are so bright and pigmented...

i like avon's glazewear lip glosses; they are affordable and work :)

p.s like ur blog hehehe :)

BabyAdore said...

Oh my.. Love the colors... Wish I could buy all of them too!

chloelebreton1 said...

Hiya Sarah, good work swatching the coastal scent palette - I was curious about it a while ago but the website didn't have any swatches - having seen yours, I'm ordering mine now.

Loving your blog, it's prob my fave of all that I'm following and I only found you today! x