Friday, February 11, 2011

How to tint and shape your eyebrows like a professional!

hey girls,
Being a beauty therapist I know how much girls can spend in a salon every month so today im going to show you how you can tint and shape your eyebrows youself at home without spending a penny :)

When using tint for the first time its important to do a patch test 48 hours before. Apply the mixture behind your ear or inside your arm if any redness or swelling occurs this is a sign of a allergic reaction and do not use the tint also if you have any recent scar tissue,cuts,eye diseases or lumps around the eye area do not use the tint.

Heres what you need:
  • Vaseline (acts as a barrier)
  • Brush
  • Wood stick
  • Tweezers
  • Brown tint and peroxide (available at any salon supply store shouldnt cost much and lasts a very long time, black and blonde tints also available)
  • Disposable lip brush (available at debenhams or any salon supply store)
  • Glass jar (available at any salon supply store)
  • Sterex witch hazel (optional also available at any salon supply store)
How the tint works:
The tint is made of mineral water or vegetable oil and you only use 3% of peroxide
tinting works due to the dye penetrating the hair shaft. when dye molecules are applied they are small enough to penetrade the hair shaft but its oxidised by the peroxide and the molecules become larger this has the effect of locking in the dye and making it permanent,
tinting should last for about 6 weeks

ok so lets get started :)

  1. Cleanse your skin ( this is important when waxing or plucking your eyebrows as your pores are open and makeup and bacteria can cause infections or swelling)
  2. Dip your disposable brush into vaseline and apply it to the skin around your eyebrows to protect your skin from staining
  3. If vaseline gets into your eyebrow hair just wipe it away using a cotton pad DONT LEAVE IT as this will stop the tint from getting at those hairs
  4. get your glass jar and fill it with no more than 10 drops! close the bottle straight away if peroxide is oxidised it will not work again.

6. Next sqeeze a pea sized amount approx 2cm of tint into the jar and stir using your brush
7. Mixture should be like a cream and not runny if it is just add more tint

8. Apply the mixture to your eyebrows using your brush
9.  Starting from the end of your eyebrow and working inwards apply tint in the direction of hair growth

10. Leave for approx 5 minutes
11. Remove tint with a cotton pad against and then with your hair growth to make sure to get all of the tint.
12. If you do manage to stain your skin dont worry it will come off 
13. Now grab your wood stick or a pencil and place the it straight up on the side of your nose this is where your eyebrow should start so any hair in front of the stick needs to be removed
14.Now leaving the end of the stick at the side of your nose slant the wood stick to the outer corner of your eye this is where your eyebrow should end

15. Look straight ahead in front of a mirror and place the stick at the center of your eye this is where your arch should be.
16. Using your index and middle finger stretch your skin and tweeze in the direction of hair growth doing this will prevent pre mature aging and plucking will never hurt again :)
17. If you suffer from alot of redness or swelling after tweezing using a which hazel gel will cool and soothe your eyes and its a natural antiseptic.

love saz xx



This is definitely helpful!
I seriously can't get enough of your blog :)

makeupbysaz said...

aw im so glad you like it :) it makes it all worth while! xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Thanks for this excellent tutorial, Sarah! =D

Pammy said...

I love this tutorial and the stick thingie helped me realize I'm doing my brows the wrong way. Happy weekend. :)

Michelle said...

I sooo needed this! Thanks! :)

Dazzle mi said...

Very nice...!!

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