Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favourite Fake Tans!! (SO FAR)...

My Favourite Fake Tans (so far).......


  • bronz'express is available at selected pharmacys and costs approx 20 euro
  • This is my favourite tan of all time it never lets me down!!
  • Bronz'express devolps differently on every skin tone (comes out darker on sallow skins and lighter on paler skin) it works with your skin giving you a natural sun kissed glow
  • Apply this tan using a tanning mitt (available at primark for 3euro) or boots
  • The tan is a coloured liquid so you can see exactly where your applying it and how much your applying.
  • Tan drys instantly giving you a instant glow and takes about 2 to 3 hours to develop into a darker tan
  • I would recommend applying this tan 2 nights before your occasion so get the perfect colour
  • Avoid showering for a day as this will lighten the tan
  • This tan NEVER comes out patchy but just take special care around your ankles and knees
  • It smells gorgeous..... no more foul smells :)
  • Tan lasts a few days but lightens every time you shower
  • And best of all it doesnt come off patchy and will scrub of easily :D
  • This tan is even used in some salons
  • Picture of me below wearing bronz'express (2coats) on a night out

Garnier summer body

  • I apply this tan every 2nd night before bed with a plastic glove and it gives me a natural looking tan all year round!
  • Suitable for people who just want a subtle tan during the day
  • Once this tan is rubbed in well it wont come out patchy but if your dont it can come out a little patchy but nothing a bit of soap and water cant handle
  • smells like apricots (yum yum)
  • This tan can look a little patchy when coming off but if you use a body scrub you wont have any problems!
  • Body scrubing will remove dead skin cells and renew the skin lifting any patchy bits 
  • take special care applying tan around knees and ankles
  • tan is waterproof
  • Can be applyed using your hands but be sure to wash hands after applying the tan
  • Dove and Johnson's do similar tans that are very good but this is my favourite!
Sally Hansen
air brush legs (tan glow)

  • If im stuck for tan or need a fast tan Sally Hansen works wonders
  • Shake the bottle and spray your legs(or a mitt) and with a mitt rub the tan in as fast as you can as it drys quickly
  • This tan is like a foundation for your legs and is not waterproof
  • Perfect for quick dark tan
  • Tan is meant to be for your legs but it can be used anywhere
  • This tan doesnt smell
  • Has vitamin k

instant tan

  • This tan is a life saver!!!!
  • Apply with a mitt for a instant tan all over
  • This tan is great when your feeling that little bit pale even if you already have a tan on
  • But this tan is not waterproof it will wash off with a little bit of water so its not really suitable for a night out
  • It doesnt smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Gives you a good tan in seconds
  • This is the matte colour but its also available in shimmer which looks amazing over your own tan on a night out.
  • This tan will stain your hands so make sure you use a mitt or glove
hope this was helpful
love saz xxx
ps. I will be testing more tans and reviewing them so keep a eye out for that!!!


H Rija said...

Thanks for the review and love your outfit!
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Patt♥ said...

I love this post! B/c I LOVE FAKE TANS!! :) Thank you for such a wonderful post! :)

Michelle said...

I've never tried fake tans before. But the Rimmel one looks interesting. :)