Monday, August 2, 2010

My top 5 foundations plus foundation tips :)

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For the past few months iv been trying and testing different foundations
so today i'll show you my top 5 foundations
but first i just wanted to share some information about foundations that I learned in college that you may not know and i also wanted to share my top foundation tips :)

Types of foundations

liquid foundations
light to medium coverage
theres oil free versions this is the best for oily skin
 if you have very oily skin i recommend using macs studio fix foundation its a foundation and powder all in one and absorbs the oil on your face!!!
Oil based foundations only suitable for those with extremely dry or wrinkled skin
  water based foundations can make skin look oily good for dry or combination skin

cream foundations
light to medium coverage
they are heavier than liquid foundation
great for dry skin
avoid if you have oily skin they can make your skin look more oily

cream to powder/powder to cream
medium coverage
good if you want heavy coverage
they can dry out your face

tinted moisturisers
little or no coverage
these are great if you want a little colour without wearing foundation
very natural
can make oily skin look more oily

mineral foundations
very light foundation with good coverage
lasts longer then most foundations
controls oil
have natural spf

primers are applied before your foundation
they act as a barrier protecting your skin from your foundation
they even out skin tone
helps make up stay on longer
and they absorb oil

shade level and base colour
shade level is how light or dark you want your foundation to be
base colour is the tone of the foundation eg beige, ivory,tan,nude
the best foundations are yellow based or have yellow under tones as this is the truest shade of foundation to human skin eg urban decay, NARS
you will notice some foundations have pink or orange under tones!

how do i know what shade is right for me??
test foundations on your jawline to find the perfect shade for you that matchs your skin
it should by invisible because foundation is like a canvas this is where contouring/bronzers come in
and by using a light foundation and a darker colour bronzer you will avoid looking blotchy when your make up starts to wear off.
if you have to go darker only darken by 1 or 2 shades you dont want to look orange or fake
you will need a different foundation shade for different seasons as your skin colour changes!

to contour use a colour thats 2 shades darker that your skin eg bronzer
to highlight use a colour thats 2 shades lighter than your skin

we contour to add a shadow to face which creates dimension/ definition

to contour:

to slim nose
add colour on either side of nose
and highlight center of nose

to enhance cheek bones suck in cheeks (make fish face)
apply bronzer under cheekbones up to temple
put blusher on top of cheek bones blending up to temples
blend it all in well :)
apply highlight on cheek bones

if you have a wide forehead
apply bronzer to temples and blend
this will made head more rounded
and to center of forehead by hairline
tyra banks always does this :P

minimize double chin apply bronzer along jawline and blend down highlighting center of chin

My foundation tips
1.Pat concealer onto skin never rub or drag skin esp under your eyes this can cause pre mature aging

2.To make your foundation look amazing your skin underneath must be healthy so cleanse tone and moisturise twice a day!!!!!!!!!
3.leave your moisturiser dry for about 10mins before applying foundation greasy skin will make foundation slip and slide when applying and foundation will come off quickly can apply foundation with your finger tips make sure your hands are clean
5. sponges are great but soak up alot of product and carry bacteria if you use sponges wash after use
6.make sure you get the right shade foundation be testing it on your jawline if the colour disappears you have the right colour. attention to your jawline and hairline girls orange lines aint pretty :P
8.apply powder afterwards to set foundation
9. when going out at night use a foundation without spf, spf reflects the light making your face look whiter than your body in pictures.
10. when appling liquid foundation using a flat foundation brush start from the centre of your face and work outwards and downwards for that flawless finish
11. use a face primer this will help your foundation last longer and will act as a barrier, preventing your foundation from clogging your pores causing breakouts and blackheads.
12. After you apply your foundation dap a damp sponge over your face to remove any excess foundation and prevent caking
13. and lastly remember LESS IS MORE :)

My top 5 foundations:

1. urban decays surreal skin mineral foundation, 

this is a loose powder
this foundation is amazing its the best foundation ive ever tried and i recommend it to everyone
its very light and easy to apply it barely feels like your wearing makeup and the coverage is great and it lasts all day!!!!
as always with urban decay the packaging is really cool
and its mineral foundation so its kind to your skin :)
it comes with a sponge but i use my powder brush instead so its a little messy but it doesnt stain your clothes woo :)
its 24 euro but its well worth the price
 and as you can see mines all gone :(
10 outa 10 urban decay well done :)

2. my second favourite is revlons photo ready liquid foundation in natural beige approx 15 euro
i love love love this foundation it gave me a nice dewy look and lasted for hours before i had to reapply
 the colour was perfect for me and it looks good in pictures :)
its oil free and fragrance free and has spf 20

       3.  my next favourite was rimmels lasting finish foundation which is mineral enriched is it has a natural spf this product was quite cheap so i didnt expect it to be that good but it gave me a fresh dewy look but you do need to re apply this product every few hours but its a great product for 7euro defo recommend this when money is low hehe!!

 4. revlon colorstay normal/dry skin approx 17 euro
this colour was to light for me oops silly me!!! but i recently bought the right colour and im super impressed ive heard alot of good reviews about this product so i had to try it :) it lasted all day and the coverage was good enough for me, its oil free it has spf 15, and they do this foundation for different skin types woooo :) but the packaging kills this product it has no pump so you have to pour the product out its very annoying and very messy and you waste alot of product!!! Bad revlon!!!!!!

5.L'oreal paris true match liquid foundation approx 16 euro
 this product is very light and very easy to blend but this colour was to dark for me and didnt give me enough coverage and doesnt have any spf :( but it didnt feel like i was wearing foundation and it lasted most of the day before i had to reapply!

well guys thats it its been a very long post but i really hope ye enjoy this and hope it was helpful
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these tips are very helpful! :) although i really am so much into make up, till now i don't know the proper way to contour.. i will definitely try these. :)