Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NYC cosmetics Tutorial: Pop of colour

Hey girlies :)

Thank you to everyone who entered my lastest contest the entries were amazing everyone put alot of effort into it and I will be announcing to winner tomorrow and posting pictures of all my favourite entries :)

So as promised here's the NYC cosmetics tutorial.....

NYC cosmetics are known for their bright vibrant colours so i decided to do a natural look with a pop of colour :)
Everything except my foundation is from NYC cosmetics
more info about all the products i use including prices and swatches will be on my last post linked below.....
huge NYC cosmetics haul review and swatches

                    Ok so before you apply anything to your face you want to prep your face!
 This includes cleansing,moisturising applying a primer to your face and vaseline/lipbalm on your lips :)

Once thats done apply your concealer
Im using nyc foundation in light as my concealer as its 1 shade to light for me to use as a foundation but makes a perfect concealer under my eyes.

Next apply your foundation using the same brush
starting from the center of your face working outwards

Dont forget to blend around your jawline and hairline you dont want any orange lines

Allow foundation to adapt to your skin for a few minutes and then use a face powder to set
 liquid or cream foundations need a powder to make them set and last longer on the skin.
you dont need to set powder foundations.
loose powders are better at setting liquid foundations but compact powders are more practical, you can just pop them in your bag.

then take a bronzer (nyc color wheel mosaic) and suck in your cheeks making a fish face apply to the hollows of your cheeks to contour your face (darkens these areas to make your face look slimmer) or apply the bronzer all over your face for a sun kissed glow

Now taking the nyx eye color mosaic(822B pink cidillac retails at 2.99) apply this pink colour to your lids using a flat shadow brush or sponge applicator

then taking a fluffy brush like this one

take the brown colour

and apply it to your crease

flip the flat shader brush you used or sponge applicator and using the center highlight colour apply this to the inner corner of your eyes and under the brow bone to brighten the look and open your eyes

Now taking a dome shaped brush or a sponge applicator that comes with nyc shadows

apply this gorgeous purple colour to your lower lids
(910 in vogue)

Next take a purple pencil liner  
nyc eyeliner pencil in plum perfect

and line your water line
(this is optional)

after curling your lashes take two mascaras
1 for seperating (yellow) retails at 2.99 and
 1 for volumising (blue) retails at 3.49
and apply 3 thin coats to get that false lash effect

First take your volumizing mascara and apply a thin coat starting at the root and wiggle up
allow to dry (apply your blush while you wait)
Apply your second coat of seperating mascara and allow to dry (apply your lipstick while you wait)
Then apply your last coat and you will lashes to die for :)

If you want your lashes to look fuller take a very small brush and dip it in a matte black shadow then dap it inbetween your lashes
or apply black liner to your tight line (under your top lid)

next apply a pink colour to your lips
(407b smooch)

I didnt really like this colour at first but i LOVE it now its so pigmented and looks gorgeous in this lovely sunny weather. 
apply a clear lipgloss to add a bit of shine if needed
(nyc clear lipgloss)

and finish off your look with a gorgeous light pink blush :)
(west side wine)
Dont overdo your blush you only need the tinest bit to give you a healthy glow and you want your lips to stand out.

and your all done :)

and the best thing is you didnt spend a fortune to look this good :P

Hope you enjoyed this post!
saz xxx



Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice makeup and great tutorial.

Locke said...

so pretty! :D

Michelle said...

I looove the lip color!! :)

Sineadycady said...

Love this!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Wow, such a gorgeous look. I definitely need to check out my local NYC section. I love their blushes but that purple eyeshadow you used on your lower lash line is awesome.

MissKatv said...

you look pretty even without make up :)

thanks for sharing!
Oh BTW, new follower here. :)


Nats said...

wow I love this look on you! I'll be sure to try it out at one point :) xx