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How to do Bridal looks!!!

Hello my darlings,

ok so its Bridal season and Ive learned loads over the last few weeks about Bridal makeup so of course im going to share it with you :)

Everything ive learned is from the my favourite celebrity makeup artist Robert Jones
Ive read two of his books and Im currently doing a online makeup course with him!

Thanks to Robert I can fully understand how to do bridal looks and apply makeup in the best possible way

ok so there's 3 types of bridal looks
the morning bride,midday bride and lateafternoon/evening bride

Morning bride:
In the morning the sun is softer and cooler so the bride should wear as little makeup as possible because everything will show up darker in the morning light.A matte foundation is perfect but a little dewiness/slight sheen would be good because the light is so soft, no black liner should be worn as its too harsh for the morning light,make sure you define eyes really well, go light with powder alot of powder can look artifical, theres no such thing as overblending!!!!! no bold colour choices, and natural false lashes would look great!

The midday bride:
The midday sun can cast a shadow on your face this is the harshest light to be photographed in. Do not wear a foundation with a sheen it can look to shiny/reflective in pictures
make sure blush is matte, if you wear eyeliner keep it thin and natural, blend eyeshadows well, shimmer( not frost) in the inner corners will brighten and open the eyes but make sure other colours are matte!!

The late afternoon/evening bride:
This is a great time to be photographed, false lashes would look amazing, use matte foundation, your can go a little more dramatic with this time of day, bronze generously to give skin more colour the flash can wash you out,You can wear rich lip colour or a smokey eye would look great.
A smokey eye can look amazing when natural colours are used esp on darker skin tones

I personally think that on your wedding day you want to wear the least amount of makeup possible.
you want to look natural and flawless.Photos will be taken all day and i dont know if many people would get married in the evening so the morning or midday bride makeup would be the best choice :)

Applications: There are 4 types of applications
 natural beauty,sparkling eye, smokey eye and the audrey hepburn eye.

For the natural eye:
You can use a matte or shimmer flesh colour as your highlight
which you will apply on your brow bone,lid and inner corners of your lower lid.
 A light colour like taupe for your midtone which you will apply across your crease
and a darker colour like a shimmery brown for your contour which you will apply on the outer half of your top lash line and outer corners.
sweep a midtone across the lower lashline and then sweep your contour across your lower lash line
curl lashes, apply mascara and define the eye by dipping a small brush into a brown shadow and dapping it into the base of your lashes by doing this you will make your lashes appear thicker and define the eyes
you can also apply natural false lashes.

For a shimmery eye: the only difference is your can apply matte colour first as your highlight and then a shimmer colour to make the eyes look more shimmery and apply a matte colour as your contour.
you can also apply liner but make sure its thin!!

And for the smokey eye: you apply your highlight to your browbone only
apply midtone shade from lashline to browbone and sweep it across lower lash line for definition
then apply your contour colour layer your colour over your midtone from your lid up to crease ONLY!
colour should be darkest at lashline and fade as you go towards the brow. sweep colour underneath lower lashline
line entire eye.
make sure you use a natural lip and cheek colour!

Audrey hepburn eye:
Apply highlight shade to brow bone and lid and inner corners of lower lid, starting at the crease apply midtone colour up to browbone and underneath the lower lashline for definition
then just line upper lid and apply false lashes.
When lining the lid, line with a pencil liner first then go over with a powder and finish off with a liquid liner and flick out at outer corner.
this way if your make any mistakes no one will notice!!!

Heres how i did my look :)

             WHAT I USED:

  • L'oreal true match foundation in w3
  • NYX trio palette in nude/taupe/brown ts03
  • NYX trio palette in white/grey/black ts01 (i just used black to define eyes)
  • NYC colour mosaic bronzer 724a all over bronze glow
  • NYC cheek glow in west side wine 652
  • NYC seperating mascara
  • Natural collection lipliner in almond
  • Avon mascara (waterproof)
  • Mac eyeshadow in dizzle light (highlight)
  • NYX eyelid primer in skin color
  • NYC lipgloss Brighton beach peach
  • Maybelline lipstick in 721 pinky beige
  • Loose powder from peggy sage (i got this in my college kit its a french make)
  • Coastal scents concealer palette (best concealer palette ever)

Before you get started cleanse and moisturise allow moisturiser to soak into skin.
                     Next prep the skin by applying primer to the face and vaseline/lip balm to your lips.

First apply concealer under the eyes pick a concealer with yellow undertones for ivory/beige skin tones as yellow counteracts all shades of skin discolouration (blue,red,purple,brown)
chose a golden/orange colour if you have bronze/ebony skin.
also concealers come in many different textures make sure your concealer is not too dry for under you eyes or the concealer will makes your flaws look more visable

Now take a pointed brush like this

And apply concealer to the discoloured area ONLY, you want it to match your skin!!
applying concealer to your normal skin will again make flaws look more visable.

Now stipple/pat (do not tug or pull undereyes)
to blend concealer

now take your foundation squeeze onto the back of your hand

And dap your sponge or brush into foundation

And apply from the center of the face outwards

Now for your blemishes
after you have applied foundation
dip your brush into a concealer the same colour as your foundation and pat it onto the spot
and pad around the spot the blend or hold your finger on spot for a few seconds for the concealer to stick the spot then release! (make sure the concealer you apply to your blemishes is a drier texture than your undereyes so the concealer will stick to the spot)

Apply primer to youreyelids or if you dont have a primer apply concealer to your eyelids

Take a loose powder and tip some powder into the lid

Now take a small brush like this

And apply powder to yours eyelids to set the concealer

Now taking a face brush

Apply a little bit of powder to your face make sure you brush downwards.
powder is so important to set your foundation.

or if your using a face puff roll puff onto the skin

Now for the shadow take a flat shader brush

and apply a white,flesh or cream shimmer colour to your lids and inner corners of your lower lid and brow bone this will be your highlight colour.

Now blend shadow out using a fluffy brush like this one

Now take your midtone colour which should always be a matte colour.
Im using a matte taupe colour.

and apply it with a fluffy brush from the outer corners of your crease in towards the inner corner of your lid
this works best with a fluffy brush.

apply a brown colour to your outer corners and on the outer half of your lashline with a flat brush

Now blend it out and make sure theres no harsh lines

now taking a brush like this apply midtone colour to lower lash line

then sweep contour colour across lower lash line.

Now stipple/pat foundation sponge under eyes to clean up under the eyes

Taking a angled brush or a very small brush

dap your contour colour or a black if needed between lashes to define the eye

and apply your first coat of mascara

apply a little bronzer to your temples,under your cheek bones and jaw line to give your face some colour

next take a pale pink blush like this one

smile and apply blush to the apples of yours cheeks for a natural glow

apply your 2nd coat of mascara

Blot your lips with a tissue to soak up any moisture on your lips from the lip balm

Apply a natural lip liner all over your lips this will make sure your lipstick doesnt bleed and it will help it stay on longer.

Apply your lipstick

Blot your lips to remove moisture for lipstick leaving pigment behind and then apply another coat
this will also help your lipstick last longer.

Apply a little lipgloss to the center of your lips
Dont make lips too glossy!!!!

And finally apply your last coat of mascara
 make sure this coat is waterproof in case you cry :)
and your all done :)

This is the final look!!!

 Here's other examples of bridal looks ive done.....

Hope this was helpful
love saz xxxxx


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You look great! So fresh and pretty!

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i love this look! i am not getting married, but i want to try this! great tutorial, and you look so pretty! :)

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you look gorgeous.. You look fresh and young..^_^..

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Those are really good tips, even just for normal looks.

You look lovely in your bridal makeup. :)

The Cat Hag

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