Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I store my makeup!

Hey chickens,

For christmas I got this gorgeous 2 in 1 Aluminum Traincase from 
its also available on
And theres plenty of more colours to choose from including zebra and leopard print :)

Traincase put together

It seperates into 2 parts

2nd case has its own cover handle and insert

perfect for traveling

or you can leave the case open and the top opens out

the insert is perfect for poping little bits and pieces into it

and you can remove the boards in the insert

and re insert them in any way you want

            So heres how I store my makeup :)

In the lower case I store my hair curlers and crimpers

  •  A mirror,(comes with the traincase)
  •  Baby wipes (to wipe my hands)
  • A makeup tray (this a great for mixing foundations)
  • A clear lunch bag with cotton buds (these are great for cleaning up mistakes) disposable mascara brushes, vaseline, foundation sponges and carmex

 I have 3 clear cases which I also keep in the box
  • 1 case is for mascaras
  • 1 case for eyeliners and lipliners
  • and 1 case is for lipsticks
You can get a set of 3 plain clear cases in primark or you can get the NYX clear cases in Target, tkmax or at

In this Hello kitty case which I got from Avon is for all my lipglosses

And the last thing in the box is my brush belt which I got from coastal scents

On the left I keep all my face brushes and my powder puff and on the right I keep all my eye and lip brushes my eyelash curlers and a large hair clip.

In the insert Ive removed all the boards for more space
 I keep all the products I rarely use in here, spare eyelash curlers and my false lashes

 The top part of the traincase

Opens out so I have 4 slide out trays and a large deep center

full view

On the 1st tray on the left I keep my bronzers, face powders, blushes, primers and highlighters
On the 2nd tray i keep my 6 NYX trios. 2 single NYX shadows and 5 mac shadows (yes i do use them i just love the packaging)

On the 1st tray on the right I keep my founndations
(I love L'oreal perfect match foundations)
On the 2nd tray I keep my Rimmel foundations,Skin camoflague makeup (this is for covering tattoos and birthmarks)
 highlighters, cheek tint, 2 NYX eyeshadow bases, (skin colour and white)
NYX green concealer wand.
 Rimmel eyeshadow in white

In the center I keep all my palettes :)

And thats it!!
I hope this helps you sort out your makeup collection :)

And if you want anymore storage posts or any post in particular just comment below and request what you want :)

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saz xxx


Audrey♥ said...

total storage envy :)

Sineadycady said...

wow! I am very envious right now!!! That is so cool and I love your make-up!!

makeupbysaz said...

aw thanks sinead :)
I love the traincase! its the best thing i ever bought defo worth the investment. :)

Dyna said...

that looks awesome x

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^