Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Serena Glam Slam by O.P.I Review and Demo

Hey girls,

So I was out shopping recently and came across the O.P.I  black shatter nail varnish that everyone is talking about but unfortunately it was sold out! :( but then I came across "Serena glam slam" which is a O.P.I set by Serena Williams which includes the Black Shatter nail polish and Simply Smashing (glittery gold colour)
If you live in Ireland you will know that O.P.I polishes arent cheap here retailing at 12 euro per bottle but this set retails at 18 euro so your basically getting 2 polishes for 9euro each which isnt bad and you get a nice discount if your in the Hair or Beauty trade :)

So far im loving this polish its such a great invention, its easy to do and you can use the black shatter with any colour but when used with the gold colour it gives a leopard print effect.

Barry M also sells this nail varnish and at a cheaper price :) : heres the link


Pick a colour that you like and paint your nails applying 2 coats and leave to dry!

when your polish is completely dry paint over the whole nail quicky, the black will dry pretty fast as it drys it will crack giving you the shattered effect.
Apply a top coat to protect the polish and give it a shine and your all done!

hope this helps if you have any questions just comment below :)
love saz xx


Sophie-Lou-J said...

wow great nails! im going to have to get my hands on this shatter nail polish ive heard so much about it :)

Fruity Lashes said...

how lucky are you! i've been trying to get this but the stores don't have it yet. it looks so gorgeous on you!

Ramona said...

Wow! so amazing! Looks like leopard print, super stylish!
This is so great post and idea! Thank You hun for sharing it!

xoxo Ra

Michelle said...

OPI polishes are way too expensive but good thing we have a local dupe here for about USD3 WAY cheaper.

And I agree, the black shatter polish works awesomely with gold!


This is AMAZING!
I love it, definitely going to try this out
I can't get enough of your blog

Sineadycady said...

I love this! Does it come in different shades even though I love the black :)

Sineadycady said...

I showed this to my mum is loved it!