Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to clean false lashes

Hey girls,
I know how much us girls can spend on false lashes so today im going to show you how you can clean your lashes and get a few more wears out of your lashes saving you money :)


  • Your dirty lashes
  • A bowl
  • eyelash curlers
  • Any eye makeup remover
  • Any foaming cleanser
  • eyebrow/eyelash comb

step 1. Take your lashes and gently pick any lumps of clue off them 
step 2. Pour some eye makeup remover into your bowl and pop in your lashes. you dont need much just enough to cover your lashes
step 3. Leave your lashes soak for 5 or 10 minutes

step 4. wet your hands and foam up some cleanser in your hands

step 5. place one of your lashes into to palm of your hand and place your other hand on top of the lashes and leave for about 30 seconds 
step 6. Now with your index and middle finger start rubbing your lashes gently you dont want to ruin the shape of your lashes

step 7. Using a eyebrow/eyelash comb,
comb your lashes
step 8. Place your lashes back into the bowl for a few minutes and repeat the same steps with your other lashes,
step 9. Remove your lashes from the bowl and allow to air dry for a few minutes, if needed rub a damp cotton pad over your lashes to remove any left over mascara

step 10. This is optional, take something round and wrap your lashes around it
step 11. Heat your eyelash curlers for a few seconds under a hair dryer and curl your lashes.

Now your lashes should be nearly as good as new :)
place your lashes back in their case to prevent them from getting damaged!
hope this was helpful
saz xx
ps thanks for following and leaving such lovely comments!!


Michelle said...

This is a cool idea! I will try this soon. :)

Madiha said...

wow that was a really helpful post! thanks for sharing :)

dene said...


Anonymous said...

I like that you make sure to clean the lashes with soap after soaking them in the makeup remover. in my experience using makeup remover ruined the lashes because they were too oily making them clump and the glue wouldnt stick. alot of people just say to use the makeup remover to soak them or soak them in water and that completely ruins the shape. but i guess thats where the curler comes in here! only problem i had was it made them all straight. if you have lashes with a special shape you have to do it more tediously.

Levon Parian said...

Try Parian Spirit, it takes off the glue and the Mascara. Look up this video on Youtube. "How I Re-Use False Eyelashes"