Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avon Review!!!

 Hey guys,
Today im going to do a Avon Review. Ive been using Avon products for the last year and im really impressed  I never thought the products would be as good as they are.
Avon products are really good quality and are so affordable and I dont think people realise this.
So I said I would do a review on the latest products I purchased.
*I bought all these products myself, this is my honest opinon and i am not in any way getting paid to do this review :)

I bought a foundation brush and it was so good I ended up buying the whole set!
I love love love these face brushes!
  • The hairs on these brushes are super super soft
  • I love the fact the brushes are all black I think they look so professional
  • The label doesnt wear off.... unlike mac brushes
  • The brushes are easy to clean
  • The hairs dont shed at all!!
Overall I give these brushes 9 out of 10
only because im not a huge fan of the shadow brush it could be more flexable and it doesnt pack on much colour otherwise they are just as good as my mac brushes!!
I wish they sold more brushes :(

Powder brush
This is great for applying powder foundation,pressed powder and blush

 Angled brush
great for applying blush and bronzer
i love using this brush for contouring because it gets right into the hollows of your cheeks!

Foundation brush
Great at applying liquid foundation it gives you that flawless finish!!

Shadow brush
i do like this brush but it wouldnt be my favourite i think it could be a little more flexable
the smudger is great though!

 all brushes come in these cute little cases
they are so handy you can just pop your brushes into your handbag and they wont get dirty or

This is the 8 in 1 eye palette in smoky eye
This palette also comes in neutral tones
These colours are really pigmented and long lasting i will be doing a makeup tutorial soon using this palette!!

I love this cute little hello kitty makeup bag
I just had to get it :)

 I got 4 of these eyeshadow quads because i loved the colours so much again they are really pigmented and long lasting!
  • 1st quad is Denim Blues( I have a tutorial using this quad)
  • 2nd quad is Smokey Eyes
  • 3rd quad is Mocha Latte
  • 4th quad is Fresh Cut Greens

Smokey Eyes Quad Swatch

Fresh Cut Greens Quad Swatch

Pressed Powder (in light medium)
This is one of my favourite powders
  • Easy to use
  • Doesnt look cakey
  • Long lasting
  • Sponge comes with it
  • Doesnt make your face look white in pictures

Super shock intense mascara in black
ive used so many mascaras and i always come back to this one.
ive used it in most of my tutorials.
The wand is quite long so its perfect for getting full coverage in one layer!
effortless :)

Arabian Glow Multstylo (Shimmering bronze) this is great for in the summer months to give you that sun kissed glow 
It can be used on your lips,cheeks and eyes
I use it on my cheeks to give me a natural glow :)


Avon pro brow enhancer in brown
This isnt my favourite product but its great for taming your brows without leaving them sticky
You cant really see the brown tint!

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Perfect Peach
I love this lipstick its quite a sheer shimmery colour ive used it in one or two of my tutorials!

and last but not least
Avon nailwear pro in lavender
its a gorgeous lilac colour and will stay chip free for a few days if you apply two coats :)
For more nail polishes check out my funky nails post...

Hope this was helpful
love saz xx


Anonymous said...

I love the Avon foundation brush and the angled blush brush too. I had been using a MAC 187 for foundation but I find myself reaching for the Avon brush more the past while.

I have that eyeshadow pallete too, at first I liked it but now im not so keen on it ... but I will look out for your makeup look using it !

Avon nailwear pro is one of my favourite type of polishes love them :)

...Miss Vendella... said...

great haul girl! I love avon. Btw i also bought the mocha latte quad! i love it! i purchased some other stuff as well. Thanks for the review on the brushes i've been wantint to try them out... :)


makeupbysaz said...

no prob girls glad i can help :)
@ ellis i know i love the polishes the colours are so cute.
i was really surprised at how good there brushes are.
oh really i hope i can do some nice looks with the palette!!
love saz xxx

Lala said...

great make up things, love the eyeshadows.
and you look soooo pretty :)

xo lala

Madiha said...

Great review! BTW you are beautiful :)


I love this post!
Thanks for the gifts
I wrote about your blog on my blog :)

bostoniancouture said...

Hi I am tagging you to do these questions, it's on my page, copy and paste it and answer them, I know you're a specialist on makeup, so it depend if you want to do it or not.

MissPukku said...

I love their waterproof eyeliner!! :)

Diana said...

girl . . . you are gorgeous!!!!!! Thank you so much for following me. I'm a new follower of yours as well :D

Angelica said...

Came across your blog today while looking up reviews on the Avon brushes! Lovely blog! Well done! :)

I have the Avon angled blush brush and love it too!

I'm thinking of buying the powder brush but I wanted to ask you a question. Is the brush completely round or is the metal part which holds the fibres pinched? Hope you can understand my question :)

Many thanks :)

makeupbysaz said...

Thank you Angelica :)so glad you enjoyed it :)
The metal part is slightly pinched near the tip to keep the fibres in place. I have two of the powder brushes and I use them everyday and i promise you not 1 single hair has been shead :)
hope this was helpful and i hope i answered your question :)take care hun xx

Angelica said...

Thank you ^_^

Pauline Reyes said...

The lasting power of Avon lippies is awesome!
~Pauline @Kallony