Thursday, July 15, 2010

look good for less!!!!

Hello darlings

Today im going to do a look using a Avon palette
I decided to do a look using cheaper products as i know alot of people wouldnt have mac products or brushes so this is a look everyone can try :)
The palette im using is a Matte palette and is called Denium Blues and only costs about 8euro and is available online or from a representive near you! :)

I must say im really impressed by this product
the colours are gorgeous! they are really pigmented and last all day!!
You can also use the sponge applicator that you get with the palette to create this look!
ok so lets get started :)

  • First of all i primed my lid using urban decays primer potion
  • Then i applied the first light colour under my brow bone as a highlight, i also applied that colour on my lid
  • Next i took the second colour and applied it over the first colour to make the look more intense!
  • Then i took the 3rd colour and applied it to my outer v and blended it in towards the center of my eye(make sure you blend the colours really well so you dont have any harsh lines)
  •  I then took a tiny bit of the last colour and applied it on the inner v DONT blend it in towards the center of your eye so the dark colour doesnt over power the look!
  • I lined my water line using a black avon liner and lined my lid using l'oreals liquid liner in black and applied mascara
  • Lastly i applied the 3rd colour from my palette on my lower lid (about half ways in starting from the outer corner and stopping at the center of my lower lid)
  •  And used the second colour from the palette starting from the center of my lower lid towards my inner corner

                                                   thats it hope this was helpful!!!!!!
                                                        saz xxxxxxx

with flash!

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