Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to take care of your skin!!


Before you can take proper care of your skin you need to know your skin type.
alot of people get confused so heres how to diagnose your skin type!!

There are 4 differant skin types:
  • Normal (which is very rare)
  • Dry
  • Oily
  • Combination ( mixture)
Normal skin is quite rare in adults! all babies are born with normal skin.
Normal skin is smooth,even textured,unblemished,looks firm, doesnt appear shiny and has a healthy glow
basically your skin has to be perfect :)

Oily skin will have a shiny appearance, can be oily to touch, will have open and blocked pores,blackheads,a sallow appearance and spots.

Dry skin can be sensititive, it will have a uneven colour or texture, may appear dull,dehydrated, white heads under eyes and may feel tight esp after cleansing.

Combination skin: is when you have 2 of the skin types. for an example I have dry skin but I have a oily t-zone (forehead,nose and chin) therefore I have combination skin .
This is the most common skin type!

  • Your skin type can be caused by your actions eg smoking,exposure to uv rays,unbalanced diet,stress,alcohol,incorrect skincare
  • Eat healthy!!! this is a tough one but your skin needs vitamins and minerals aswell as your body!
  • Cleanse,Tone and Moisturise twice daily!!!
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week
  • Wear spf daily to protect your skin even if its raining the sun is always there!!
  • Drink 2 litres of water daily to keep skin hydrated
  • Make sure you get your 5 a day
  • Get your beauty sleep
  • Try not to touch your skin during the day, you are transferring bacteria,dirt and oil from your hands on to your face which can cause spots,blackheads and infections!!!
  • Take vitamin and minerals supplements if needed these are great for your hair,skin and nails!
  • Dont use a facial scrub everyday you can over exfoliate your skin which can over stimulate sebaceous glands (these product oil) causing more spots and irratation.
  •  Find out more about the skin products you use. alot of drugstore products contain alot of alcohol/chemicals which can cause irratation
  •  Remember all products dont work for everyone it can work for your friend but it may not work for you!!
  • please please dont use baby wipes on your face regularly this will do you skin no good in the long run!! if you have to use wipes, use a wipe thats for your face and only use them occasionally!!
  • if you skin is not looked after your makeup wont look as nice!!
 Why do we cleanse?
 We cleanse to remove makeup,dirt,bacteria and oil from our skin to avoid spots/blemishes and breakouts and to prevent pores clogging.
Do i have to tone?
 toning is very important it removes any excess product from the skin and keeps the skins p.h at 5.5    
(this is the acid mantle of your skin)
Do i have to use a day cream and night cream?
 No you dont! once your mosituriser has a spf you dont need both. some people prefer to use a lighter cream during the day and a thicker cream at night!!
Why do you have to exfoliate?
                We exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and reveal the fresh skin underneath!

What products would you recommend?

My favourite products at the moment are Origins and Mac
Origins use natural and organic ingredients and i use mac because there products work for me! I love there moisturelush cream its thick and creamy and its the only cream that works for me!!
Find what works for you try and test different products till you find one your happy with.
 i think good products are very important in the long run so im very funny about what I put on my skin.
my favourite product of all time is DECLEOR.
 I studied decleor in college and there products are so natural they are made from essiential oils and smell beautiful but are quite expensive!if im to recommend drug store products id say neutrogena, olay, Nivea or simple.


  • Apply a little blob of cleansing cream on your chin,forehead cheeks and neck and massage into the skin in a upwards circular motion. never drag your skin downwards this can cause pre-mature aging.
  • Take 2 cotton pads in each hand!
  •  Place each pad in the center of your forehead and wipe out 
  • Continue this routine all over the face change cotton pads if needed! *pay special attention to your nose and chin this is where your makeup gathers*.
  • When you get to your neck place pads at the end of your neck and WIPE UP to your chin!
  • For a deep cleanse repeat this cleanse again.
  • If your using a face wash remove using warm damp face sponges or just wash off over your sink!


  • Take a damp cotton pad and cut in half
  • Apply a little bit of eyemakeup remover or cleanser on each half and place under eyes
  • Its easier to do one eye at a time
  • Now get another pad apply a little bit of product on it and place over you eye for 20seconds and remove
  •  If your wearing eyeshadow use the same pad and wipe outwards
  • Now hold the half cotton pad thats under your eye in place with your index and ring finger
  • With your good hand gently rub your lashes with another damp cotton pad with product (mascara should remove quickly).
  • This can be time consuming but it will avoid pre-mature aging because your not pulling and dragging at your skin!!!!!

  • Apply toner on 2 cotton pads and wipe over your face using the same routine you used to cleanse (start at center and wipe outwards)
  • if skin feels damp you can blot dry using a face tissue


  • There is no real technique to moisturising just be generous and massage into skin in upward circular motions!!!


Here are some facts you might find interesting!!!

 ingredients in your skincare products:

  • kaolin: (clay) brings spots and blockages to a head good for oily skin
  • sulpher: has a drying action, good for healing
  • calamine: sooths skin
  • rose water: soothing
  • witch hazel: astringent (drying)
  • lanolin: remains on the skin, locks in moisture,water
  • glycerol: :(organic)attracts moisture and prevents products from dying out in container
  • isopropyl alcohol: drying can be irritating
  • lavender : antibacterial and soothing
  • almond oil: nourishing
  • zinc oxide: healing and soothing

  • When you body lacks vitamin A you will notice rough skin usually on thighs and backs of arms
  • When your body lacks vitamin B2 you will notice redness and cracking of angles of mouth
  • When your body lacks vitamin C you will notice you bruise easily,your wounds will heal slowly and your gums might bleed.
  • Vitamin E is good for scar tissue usually seen in scar creams


Skincare doesnt have to cost you a fortune you can make everything at home using natural products :)

  • cleanser 1. peel and cut cucumber into slices and mix with natual yoghurt in a food processor
  • cleanser 2. yoghurt contains natual enzymes which will cleanse the skin add strawberries for a great cleanser for these skin types.
  • cleanser 3. this is for oily skin! mix peach until it becomes pulp in a food processor and apply to skin

  • Cleanser 1. fill a small muslin bag with 2 cupfulls of bran. soak for a few minutes in warm water,squeeze water out and wash your face with the bag.
  • cleanser 2. soak camomile teabag in some hot water,squeeze it into a small amount of natural yogurt and apply to face.

  • toner 1:.camomile: boil camomile flowers for 20mins and sieve use remaining water as toner
  • toner 2:lemon: add 300ml of water to the juice of a lemon

  • Green tea: steep tea leaves and leave cool in fridge
  • witch hazel: best known toner for oily/combination skins


for any skin type:
add the yellow of one egg to a tea spoon of almond oil and a teaspoon of honey(tones,tightens )
mix and apply straight onto the skin

dry skin: add one table spoon of lemon juice to 120 grams of yoghurt massage into skin!

oily/combination skin:
mix one cup of carnation milk to a teaspoon of honey and massage into skin


Apple: use half a grated apple mixed with 2 tablepoons of live yoghurt and one teaspoon of lemon juice
apply to face and leave for 20 minutes and rince with water (great for dull skins)

Banana: mix with 2 teaspoons of almond oil and leave on skin for 30minutes (for any skin type bananas have a softening effect)

Eggs: great for oily skin beat 2 egg whites until they become a stiff consistency mix with a teaspoon of honey and leave on skin for 30minutes
(eggs whites have a tightening effect and clear impurities)

Put lemon grass and hot water in to a bowl,place a towl over you head and steam your face for about 5minutes
this is great for opening your pores and cleansing the skin. and this is also a great time to apply pore strips as the pores are open and blackheads are easier to remove.
tone face and moisturise :)

hope this was helpful!!!
love saz xxx


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