Thursday, July 22, 2010

funky nails!!!!!!

hey everyone

thanks for viewing my blog :)
i dunno about you but i love funky nail polishes :)!!!!
so today im going to do a little haul on my favourite nail polishes!

ok the first polish is by avon and its called vintage blue
its available from the avon website or from a representive near you!
ita a baby blue colour which i love because its quite unusual
its chips quite easy so apply 2coats and a clear top coat to make it last longer :)
i found that this polish was quite runny and tends to drip really fast so you need to be extra careful when applying it!!!

the next polish is rimmel london 60 second nail polish in 819 green with envy its available at any drugstore like boots
its a sheer teal colour
it drys really fast (like it says on the bottle)
and its very good quality so it doesnt chip for a few days but it needs 2 coats

the next polish i got is from forever 21 its called love and beauty in mint
this polish was only 2dollars but its very good i love this polish its a gorgeous matte mint colour
i found it was long lasting and it only needed 1 coat and it dries really quickly!

the next polish is also from avon ya i know im totally obsessed haha but there soo cheap and avon have some great bargins!
i love this colour so much ive been looking for this colour for ages so i was super excited when i spotted it in the avon book
ita a matte lavender colour
again this polish can be quite runny but is long lasting when you apply 2 coats and a top coat if you only apply 1 coat you will notice it will chip alot faster
iv heard opi and china glaze now do a lavender colour aswell!

the next polish is by opi its called purple with a purpose
these are available anywhere in america but in ireland iv only ever seen opi polishs in salon services or henessys for about 10euro but you can order them on ebay aswell
i love opi polishs
there brushes are thicker than normal nail polishes which makes applying the polish faster
they only need 1 coat as there long lasting but its better to apply 2 coats as it will last even longer without chipping
but they do take longer to dry!

the next polish i got in america in sephora its called sephora by opi in how cute is that?
but iv also seen these on ebay
i love this polish so much and so many people have commented on it
its a sheer coral pink colour
its long lasting and it only needed 1 coat :)
and its not runny so its very easy to apply and it drys realli quickly perfect if your in a rush!

the next colour is from avon again its called sunshine
this colour is sooo bright perfect for summer and really unusual its realli cool
again this colour is runny so becareful
rimmel also sell a yellow colour it would be better quality but its not as bright

and my last polish is by barry m available at boots or debenhams or at in 294 cyan blue
its a matte blue colour
this colour is pretty cool havent seen any other colour like it!
i only applied 1 coat of this its dries quickly and found it lasted about a week without chiping!
i love barry m products they are very good quality for a very good price :)



mapple said...

hi ^-^ love those cutie solid colors :D

Charming Vanity said...

Omgosh..the colors are so vibrant! Great swatches..


Anonymous said...

Nice! Hope I can try OPI nail polishes... I want to try it so bad! hmmmf...
BTW Nice swatches