Friday, July 2, 2010

Inspired by fafinettex3

hey guys,

Today i have a look for you inspired by fafinettex3. I have been a huge fan of hers for a long time and decided to do one of her looks i came across this beautiful look on her blog and decided to try it :) i didnt have all the colours she used so I used what I had and created my own version hope you like :)

fafinettex link:

If ye want a to see the colours i used go to

ok first of all i primed my lid using urban decays primer potion
then i used macs vanilla on my lid dont forget the inner corners of your eye by your tear duct doing this brightens your eye
next i applied macs sushi flower above the vanilla across my crease
then i used macs trax which is a purple colour with gold particles on my outer v
and blended everything together softly
after that i applied mac deep truth which is a beautiful blue colour across my lower lid
and used vanilla again as my highlight under my brow
i lined my waterline using urban decays 24/7 liner in zero
and loreal liquid liner and my upper lid and applied mascara :)

for my face i used urban decays mineral powder in supernova
macs desert rose blusher
natural collections matte bronzer
rimmels pink blush lipstick 006
thats it :)

hope this was helpful if ye have any questions let me know i hope im explaining everything ok :)
At the moment im trying out different foundations so in the next few weeks ill do a review on foundations for ye
take care saz xxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

You are very good in make-ups! i love this look. by the way, on your next blog i hope you could make a shoe haul coz on your previous posts i saw that you have lots of shoe collection, i really love shoes! thanks doll and thanks for following youre such a sweety! xoxo shineyglam

makeupbysaz said...

your welcome hun and thank u 2 :) ya course i will love saz xxxx