Wednesday, June 30, 2010


hey guys thanks for following me appreciate it! keep them coming :P hehe
ok today i did a look for you inspired by the beautiful sunshine :)
using greens,orange,yellow and purple :)

i used my coastal scents 88 shimmer palette which is availabe on the coastal scents website

coastal scents are an american owned company they make professional products at low prices i love their palettes they are so pigmented and last all day and their CHEAP and deliver to ireland yay:)
if you dont have this palette use what ever you do have!
Remember you dont need expensive products or professional brushes to create an amazing look :)
hope ye enjoy this and good luck :)
saz xxxxxxxxxxx

ok first of all i used my urban decays primer potion dont leave the house without it this is a eyeshadow base and helps your shadow stick to your lid and last all day without creasing and it does work :)
ok i used the 3rd green colour from the top on my lid and then applied the lighter green colour above it in the palette over the green colour i just put on my lid, sweep this colour in the inner corners of your eye by your tear duct to brighten your eye

then i applied the orange colour which on the top third row in from the end (where the silvers are) and its the 2nd colour, i put this colour on my lids crease and blended everything together lightly.
next i addded the yellow colur above my lids crease this colour is on the top of the palette at the front on the 2nd row 2nd colour down.
next i applied purple on the corner of my eye making a v shape
then i applied the purple on my lower lid
lined my eye with liquid liner and added mascara i then added silver liner on the water line
all done :)


Anonymous said...

wow, i love your pictures, you look very preety... and your page looks very professional....

ill give the look ago...

Iona said...

love love love your eyes in these pics...any chance you could post some tips up for enhancing brown eyes..pretty please!!! =)

catjeno said...

sarah ur i love this, beautiful=] ur doin my eye make up wen ya come visit =] x x x x

makeupbysaz said...

thanks for the lovely comments appreciate it girls :)
yup i will indeed ill post that for you asap iona :)
love saz xxxxxxxxxx

Charming Vanity said...

Love the look. It's really nice. =)

I BLEED PINK said...

I like the way you did your liquid liner!!