Wednesday, July 14, 2010

shoe haul

hey guys :)

im so sorry i havent posted anything in a while been really busy and havent had a chance but i will be posting alot in the next few days :)

ok today im doing a shoe haul which was requested by shineyglam!
thanks for following or if ye havent already follow me!!!!! hehe :P
hope ye enjoy :)

the first pair are from new look
there a gorgeous baby pink colour which has been very popular this season
they have 2 straps across the ankle which i love but because im quite short :(
i have to be careful what i wear them with as they can make my legs look shorter
they are really cute with jeans and leggings and are very comfortable!

the next pair are from primark
there a gorgeous light grey ankle boot i love these i have them in black aswell
there soooo comfortable and they look so glam!

this pair are also from primark
i got them at christmas time and there fab for the winter and so comfortable
they look fab with jeans, jeggings or a cute skirt and tights cant go wrong with these boots there my favourite pair :)

these are from red herring in debenhams
they were kinda expensive but WELL worth the price!!!!
they are so gorgeous!!

these are from new look i bought them for 20 euro but i think they have just been reduced in the sale gutted!! :(!
they are soo cute on i love them the only negative thing i can say about these is that they kill your feet but there cute so its worth it hahaha!!

the next pair are from new look again!
i bought these last week for 9 euro in the sale :O
i was going to buy them a few weeks ago for full price so i was so excited
i love these so so so much there not the most comfortable pair of heels as they squash my toes but there really classy on :)
they also sold them in a lilac colour

these sandles are from primark for 5euro
they go with everything and there really comfortable
i want them in every colour :P

these pumps are also from primark there not available in ireland so i had to get my cousin in england to buy them for me cos i loved them so much :P
i have them in a few different colours :P obsessed much????? hehe

hope ye enjoyed this post!!!
saz xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that lovely shoe haul. i've been watching for that for days but as you said you were busy. Im a shoe-paholic that i love viewing other shoes that much! geesh, does that sound weird.
I've been collecting shoes myself coz i love them.

anywayz, thanks again, will watch out for more hauls from you.


makeupbysaz said...

no probs hun any time :)dont worry i love shoes 2 i have wayyyyyyyyyy 2 many lol
saz xxx

Charming Vanity said...

I love all the shoes. They are so so pretty! Great haul!