Monday, June 6, 2011

NYX tutorial sexy blue eyes....

Hey guys,

Not so long ago I did a post on NYX products and here so today im going to do a look from the palette i swatched "for your eyes only" (for blue eyes)
 I was inspired by the picture on the box so I created my own version of this look :)


first of all you want to prep your face, cleanse,moisturise, prime your face and lids and apply lip balm to moisturise your lips this will help your lipstick go on smoother and last longer.

take a very thin brush like this one and use this to apply concealer under your eyes
remember to "colour within the lines" (this means apply concealer to dark circles/discoloured areas ONLY, concealing area's that dont need to be concealed can make discoloured areas look worse)

         Remember to pat/stipple concealer into the skin avoid tugging and dragging under your eyes this can cause pre mature ageing!!!!

        curl your lashes! start at the base of your lashes hold for 30 seconds and walk/move the curler   out a little......
        this should be done 3 times to create a proper curl rather than a crimp.

                    Now take your palette and apply this gold colour all over your lids with a flat brush

                                                      And blend out using a fluffy brush

                                      then take this light blue colour and apply it on the crease

                                                   start at the outer corners and blend in

Now take this dark blue colour and apply this to the outer corners of your eyes blending in towards the center of your crease using a fluffy brush

take this white shimmery colour highlight colour and apply this to your brow bone and inner corners of your eyes

     now for your lower lashes... take a pencil brush like so ^ and apply the light blue colour to your lower lids and then apply the darker blue over it.

           Take a pencil liner and line your water line, tight line and top lids use a Q- tip to help you

                Dont forget to apply mascara :D I used 3 thin coats for gorgeous long thick lashes!!!

After you have applied your foundation and blush take a small angled brush fill in your brows using a brown shadow 
Remember to use 1 shade lighter than your hair or the exact shade as your hair.
Using a darker colour would be too dramatic and fake looking.

                                Apply a nude lipstick or a very natural gloss to finish off the look!!!!!

and your all done :)

love  saz xxxx


Savannah said...

I loveeeeee this! Super pretty!
And you're gorgeous!


makeupbysaz said...

aww thank you hun thats so sweet of you :) xx

Jinz said...

Gawjus! Which palette did you use?

Dyna said...


o0SerenityAngel0o said...

a very pretty look that really makes your eye color pop. Nice job! :)

Michelle said...

It's gorgeous!!! I looove the contrast!!

makeupbysaz said...

thanks girls for the lovely comments really appreciated :)
@jinz i used the NYX 10 colour palette for your eyes only (for blue eyes)
saz xxx

Diana said...

i have a goldish mac color i have not used in a while. thanks for the inspiration. this look really suits your beautiful eye color. thx for posting :D
~ Diana (new subscriber)

Christine Iversen said...

This is gorgeous, i love it :)