Monday, May 23, 2011

fresh summer look

Hey girls,
As much as we love our foundation in the summer theres nothing worse than applying foundation and having to re touch it a few times a day as the heat makes your foundation sweat off and just disappear so this year ive decided to ditch my foundation and create a fresh summer look that wont leave you feeling naked!!!

Here's what you need!!

  • blush
  • tinted moisturiser
  • lip balm
  • bronzer
  • face powder
  • eye shadow primer
  • black eye shadow
  • mascara
  • face brush
  • angled or a very thin brush
  • blush brush
  • concealer
  • concealer brush
  • under eye cream

Step 1.
Apply your under eye cream
concealer is very drying so your under eyes need all the moisture they can get.

I used mac's under eye cream

Step 2.
Take your concealer and apply it under your eyes with a thin brush or a concealer brush
remember to stay within the lines of discoloration

and stipple/pat to blend out
Remember your under eye skin is very fragile so be gentle

Step 3.
Take your tinted moisturiser
Make sure it has spf to protect your skin from the sun rays

Im using nivea's tinted moisturiser.
which doesnt break the bank currently costs 3.97 euro in tesco
and i love it!!!
it has SPF,vitamin E and light reflecting pigments which brightens up your complexion

Apply to skin in circular movements and avoid under eye area

Step 4.

Apply your eye primer im using NYX
although im not using any eye shadow today applying eye primer will conceal my lids and keep them looking matte all day.

Step 5.

Next apply your powder using a face brush.

This will set everything and keep your face looking matte all day

Step 6.

Apply your bronzer
To give you that sun kissed look

Step 7.
Take your angled brush and dip it in black eye shadow

and pad it into the base of the lashes

This will just darken your lashes and make them appear thicker
This is optional.

Step 8.

Apply your mascara

Step 9.

 apply your blush

Step 10.
lastly apply your lip balm.

and your all done :)

saz xx


MissKatv said...

love the look. so fresh :)
oh, Nice blog deary. Definitely going to follow you!:D
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Kat :)

Dyna said...

love the banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD and I adore your look :D xx

makeupbysaz said...

aww Thanks Dyna :)my friend made it for me! xxx

@MissKatv thanks hun i will check it out now :)

saz xxx