Sunday, August 8, 2010

outfit of the day!!

hey ladies,
hope ye all had a great weekend :) thanks again for the lovely comments and dont forget to follow me!!!!
today im posting a quick outfit of the day
will be posting a makeup tutorial during the week and a avon makeup haul and review aswell to look out for that :)

                                       What im wearing....

saz xxxxxxx


locke said...

Hi Saz! nice outfit :) love the boots too~

Savannah said...

So cute! I love your hair.


makeupbysaz said...

aww thanks girls xxx

Cherry said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am a follower of you also. The boots are really cute and I love Irland, my best friend in college is originally from Ireland, and I'd love to visit there one day!^0^ Stay in touch!