Sunday, July 7, 2013

BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 4th Edition Review

Hey guys, 

So today I'm reviewing this BH cosmetics 120 palette and this is the 4th edition.
Palette is available Here!! for a whooping $16.95 reduced from $34.95
Before I begin I would just like to point out that I SUCK at reviews and swatches but I do try my best. I have so many highly requested reviews and I would hate to leave you guys down :(

This 120 palette was sent to me by BH Cosmetics about a year ago as a thank you after a set up a bloggers meet up, I never did do a review as I wasnt totally blown away by the palette.
I have purchased two 88 palettes from costal scents and I loved how pigmented they were compared to the BH palette so I never really gave it a chance. 

I always prefer to use Drugstore brands in my tutorials as my videos are about TEACHING not PROMOTING plus they are less expensive and the results are always just as good.
Over the last few weeks, I've been using this palette more in my videos as this palette has a huge range of colours and it's the perfect palette for beginners, why buy 20 palettes when you can buy one??! and better yet... It's a bargin!!!! 

Now that I've given the palette a chance, I do feel that it's a bargin for the price however I still feel some of the colours are not as pigmented as I would like or compared to other cheaper brands like MUA, and Coastal Scents.

As you can see from this swatch although the colours are nice and bright you can still see my skin underneath, On the eye these coloured don't look as pigmented but like I said earlier this doesn't apply to all the eyeshadows just a few.This problem can be fixed by using a primer or base underneth the eyeshadow especially if it's a similar colour, this will instantly make the shadows look more intense.

I would give this palette 7 out of 10 mostly for the cheap price tag and the huge selection of colours that never let me down.
Would I purchase again? No but I do find it handy. I find myself reaching for it when I can't find a colour I'm looking for.

Here's one of my tutorials:

Hope you guys like this review.
Love Always
Saz xxx

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Shannon Boyce said...

Oh gosh, these shades all look so so beautiful! I absolutely love them.