Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pretty Little Secret Shhhhh!

Hey Everyone,

                             Sooooooo to begin I was out of work sick a few weeks back. I found myself bored to tears being stuck in bed so naturally I needed to find something to keep my mind busy and to avoid going completely insane, so I decided to watch Pretty Little Liars.

Now I watched one episode a very long time ago and I had no idea what was going on so I never bothered to watch more but I knew I'd love all the fashion and makeup looks.

So I turned on Season 1, Episode 1 and from there I was instantly hooked......
I watched 10 episodes a day if not more, some nights staying up till 3am, 
then went to sleep only to dream about the show (I literally did HA!)
I could not wait to get up everyday to watch more of my girls. 
I think It's save to say I was OBSESSED!!

3 weeks later........ 

I've finished all 3 seasons (yup all 71 episodes) and now I'm wondering What will I do with my life, What will I watch??!! June is aaaages away???!!! I can't wait that long!!!!!!
But But But....What happened to toby? Who's red coat? Is Ali alive? How is this possible? Is it all another trick? Will we ever find out who A is???? 

So now that my secret is out. 
Please tell me I'm not alone. Are you obsessed too?? Who's your favourite??!!
Anything else worth watching???

Love Always
Saz xXx


Spere36 said...

Sons of Anarchy had me the same way!! Lol if you have Netflix you can watch all episodes next season starts in October. I guess I need to start watching Pretty little liars myself :)

Nina s said...

i often wondered what it was all about I didnt even get watching one episode so how did you get watching them hun let me know might take into a fit of watching until june lol

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh my gosh, I love this show! You should totally do some PLL inspired looks!