Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Body shapes: The Hourglass

Hey Guys,

So the 4th video in my body shapes series is the Hourglass shape
Since Marlin Monroe and Kim Kardashian the hourglass has become the most desired body shape in all the land.... why??
because of its sexy curves in all the right places!!

The hourglass shapes is completely balanced.Your top and bottom half with be in proportion and you will have a defined waistline. 
Hourglasses do come in different sizes so if your thinking I don't have big boobs and a big butt so I'm not a hourglass.... your wrong!!

The key here is your shoulders, your shoulders and hips will be the same width and another tip you will take the same clothing size on both top and bottom!! 
If all else fails get out your measuring tape haha!! 

The key to dressing the hourglass is to encourage the eye to take in the whole shape rather than a certain area, So basically when you look at the person you wont look straight at their chest or straight to the hips you will find yourself looking up and down....... which is exactly what I found myself doing when I looked at Kelly's and Kim Ks outfits hehe!!

Check out my video on tips to dress for your fab shape!!
Also how gorgeous does Kim K look in blue! #WOWZA

love always 
Saz xxx

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