Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fashion Ideas part 2: dresses

Hey girls,

So fashion ideas part 2 is all about dresses!!!!

Everyone needs at least one good dress in there wardrobe and the best dress you can invest in is the LBD also know as the little black dress.
Black dresses are so versatile and are a key item to any girls wardrobe.

The best tip i can give to any girl is to accessorize!!!!
You can totally transform any outfit just by adding earings,a scarf or even a head band!
Here are some of my favourite dresses :)

This dress is from primark and only cost me 14 euro
they are available in a few different colours.
these dresses are so cheap but so handy for a night on the town.
I got the black and leopard print and accessorized them with waist belts (to accentuate your waist line) gold bangles black heels.

Here i took a simple white cocktail dress and made it into 3 different outfits.
In the first picture i accessorized with pale pink heels and bracelets in the seconds picture i wore hot pink shoes and bangles and in picture three i just wore a black feather chain and black shoes.
In this picture im wearing a white bandeau dress with pale pink heals,bangles and a lil clutch bag

This dress is from hot miami styles.
This dress looks so classy and i love the blue colour and design on it.

This dress is from Miss Selfridge and costs 57 euro
This is my favourite dress its the perfect LBD it looks so classy!

These cute mid length dresses are perfect for a wedding or any special occasion
and are available every year in different colours and slightly different styles at

My last dress is a wooly dress from miss selfridge i got this during the winter and it looked so cute with leggings and a cardigan but here i dressed it up with a cute shoulder bag,bracelets and nude shoes.
 I totally transformed this casual winter dress into a cute spring dress just by simply adding a few accessories

saz xxxx


Sineadycady said...

Love it! Still loving that white cocktail dress if I though it would fit me I would totally steal it off you =] heheh! xx

makeupbysaz said...

hehe well you can borrow it any time you want :) xx