Monday, December 20, 2010


Hey girls,
Today im going to do my first christmas tutorial for ye i called it "ice queen" and i was inspired by the cold icy winter days we have been having lately
hope you like :)

  • Revlons colourstay foundation in 150 buff ( I used a colour a shade lighter than what i normally use to give me that fresh/cool appearance)
  • Nyx trio in blue/navy ( I am giving one of these away in my christmas giveaway! link:)
  • Nyx trio in ultra chic
  • Rimmel shimmery white eyeshadow
  • Rimmel white eye liner
  • Avon supershock mascara
  • Avon iced pink lipstick
  • Avon sugar cane lipgloss
  • also i used a sliver glitter liner not shown here

Ok so lets get started!!!

Step 1:
 First of all prime your lid
 I used nyx white eyeshadow base but any primer will do you could also use a white liner on your lids to give you that white base.

Step 2:
Using a flat shadow brush apply the first 2 colours from the ultra chick palette or any white shadow on your lids all the way up to your brow

Step 3:
Then taking the light blue colour from the blue/navy trio palette apply on the center of your lids blending in well

Step 4:
Taking the navy colour from the same palette apply this on the outer corners of  lid making a V shape
then taking a triangliar foundation sponge like this

Place it on the outer corners of your lower lid pointing upwards continue to apply the navy colour to your lids dont be afraid to get some on the sponge this will help make your line look more intense 
then slowly push the sponge upwards so you create a flick !

Step 5:
Apply the navy colour starting on the outer corners of your lower lid and stopping about 3/4 of the way in

Step 6:
Now taking the rimmel shimmery white colour apply to your inner corners and lower lid
you can add some under the brow aswell if you wish to give the look more of a shimmer and icy feel

Step 7:
Line you lower lid using a white liner and line you top lid using a sliver glitter liner
and apply mascara

Step 8: 
Apply avons iced pink lipstick and a little bit of lipgloss in the center of your lid
for my blush i used a little bit of the pink lipstick on the balls of my cheeks to give me that icy glow :)

 saz xx



Patt♥ said...

Your eyes are beautiful! I love the colors you used!!

Anonymous said...
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