Thursday, December 23, 2010

Festive party look

Hey peeps,
Today im doing my second christmas tutorial which is a "festive party look"
perfect for this party season.

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ok so lets gets started:


Step 1:Prime lids as always :) to help your eyeshadows stick and prevent any creasing! your look will last all day!
Step 2: Apply a gold shadow on your top lid and inner half of bottom lids i used Macs 'gorgeous gold '   Step 3:
Next apply a taupe colour to the outer corners of your lids and blend out with a blending brush
(Tip: only use a small amout of colour and build the colour up gradually to avoid the eyeshadow looking muddy or cakey
Step 4:  Bring the tope colour down to the outer half of your lower lid
Step 5: Line your top lid using a black shadow rather than using a pencil or liquid liner it doesnt look as harsh curl your lashes and apply mascara
Step 6: Then take a gold liquid liner mines from avon and dab the liner on your tear ducts and smudge out with your ring finger
this is opitional but it will brighten up the look
Step 7: using a gold glitter liner line your top lids to add sparkle!

  • Moisturise and prime your face I use smashbox oil free primer its pricey but it works wonders its oil free and makes my face feel really soft and it keeps my foundation on all day.
  • Apply your foundation using a flat foundation brush or clean sponge and apply in outward strokes to avoid tide lines and blend in well to avoid orange lines on hairline or jawline ( i used revlons photoready 005 natural beige liquid foundation)
  • Smile and using a light pink blush apply blush on the apples of your cheeks
  • Apply face powder but use it sparingly to much can make your face look paler in pictures and avoid products with a high SPF (SPF reflects light making your face look white in pictures)
  • Next use a red lipstick to finish off the look! red looks amazing this time of year (i used rimmel londons 230 red fever)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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saz xxx


ARES said...

So pretty! Love it!

bostoniancouture said...

I love love love the eyes, you're such a pro. if you can, one day post a tutorial entry & notify me =]

Tanya said...

love your top, your make-up is so pretty.

Cerina said...

Aww how pretty! :D

Beauty Style Addict said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year hun
i'm back & blogging again!
ciao =)

makeupbysaz said...

aw thanks girlys :)
@bostoniancouture ya course i will you can also follow me on facebook or twitter for updates!

@beautystyleadict happy new year to you to hun looking forward to seeing your updates love sarah xx

Anonymous said...

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happy to visit your blog
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