Monday, October 28, 2019

Social Media Vs Reality

This topic is really important to me even tho I ADORE Social Media, If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have a business, It’s a great tool for marketing yourself, reaching new people and making new friends but there is also that ugly side of social media which can totally destroy a persons confidence.
Ok let’s get this straight once and for all, social media is used as a highlight reel. We put up our best photos, best moments, best feelings, best memories, If your a blogger or influencer all photos go through a intense screening process of editing and filtering until we feel it’s professional enough for Instagram, we do not put up our bad angles, bad days, struggles and pains….
It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap even as a blogger, This is my biggest weakness. I have a bad day and look at other bloggers and compare myself…. “Why does she have a bigger following and I started 5 years before her, how are her photos so perfect, her outfits are unreal, I wish I had more engagement, My photos aren’t good enough, why do I bother….”  I did this un-subconsciously for years until someone pointed it out to me recently.
Why do we do this?? Why are we so hard on ourselves??
We look at these photos and only see the perfect image before us and forget what might be going on behind closed doors. No one’s life is perfect and no one feels they have the perfect figure even tho they look perfect to you!
Life is for living and is too short to sit and compare yourself to other people. We should all be enjoying what life we have- it’s far too short! Social media is an amazing business tool, but I’m very aware of the negative impact it can have on my confidence and self love and how important it is to only see others as inspiration or motivation to work harder.
Take that time away from social media to live your life in the moment and create those memories you don’t always feel the need to share on social media…..
Those moments are pricelesss!!!!

Remember you are loved and you are good enough!
Love always

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the creation of beauty is art. said...

Such an important post. Thank you for sharing it and letting us know we aren't alone in those feelings! Sometimes I look at other bloggers and wonder why I don't look as good/make posts as well as they do/have as many followers. I am actively trying to force myself to think a positive thought whenever one of those comparison thoughts pop into my head.