Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Review: The Jessica Simpson Clip in pony tail

Product Review:

 Jessica Simpson clip in pony tail: 40 euro

Available online or in any salon supply store

It's very easy to use and it looks good,
Hair is silky soft,
 It doesn't shed any hair
It's not heavy and doesn't weight your head down
comes in a huge range of colours to match any hair colour

It's expensive
Although it says on the package "you can curl or straighten" this is not true hair is not real therefore if you apply any heat to the hair or it will melt not impressed with the false advertising!!!!!

I do love my long pony tail but for the price its not the best investment
If they made it real human hair that you can curl or straighten or  just lowered the price it would be a awesome product :)

How to use:

Tie you hair into a pony tail or bun then slide the clip pictured below into the center of your pony tail

Than take the curly piece of hair and wrap it around your pony tail and the extensions and clip in place to secure.

How they look on:

Saz xxx


inmyhansonshirt said...

It looks fantastic on, but I dont know that I could ever justify the price of it!

The Violin Style said...

I think the ponytail looks great - how much cost that extension?
Could you take a look at my newest outfit inspired by Picasso with tights in Black Milk style? ;)
If you like it, please follow me via GFC. I'll be happy to follow you back ;)
Joanna from

Christine said...

I really like how it looks on you, it doesn't look fake at all :)

Xoxo, Christine♥