Saturday, January 28, 2012

Makeup swap with Dyna :)

Hey Girls,

Hope everyone is well :)

Ok so a few months ago I decided to do a makeup swap with another blogger.

Dyna is such a beautiful sweet girl shes from Malta and we got talking through our blogs and became good friends.
I recieved my package a few months ago so I have had time to try all my products Im so happy with what I recieved. 
I don't own alot of elf stuff and if you read Dyna's Blog you will know shes a hugeeeeeeeeee lover of Elf haha
So she sent me loads of ELF goodies which i totally adore!!!!
She also knew I was a huge fan of NYX and I can't get it here in Ireland :( tear! So I also got a few lipsticks and Blushes. She also sent me a Sugar Pill palette and Lip Infinity Lipsticks from Maxfacter and sooo much more.

Swatches and Reviews coming soon!

                Check out Dyna's blog here and show her so love :)

Thank you so much Dyna :D 

Love saz xxxx


Dyna said...

aww you're most welcome hun :D :D I'm glad you were pleased with them :D xx

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea!!!

inmyhansonshirt said...

Oh wow, that is so awesome! It looks like you received some amazing stuff!