Thursday, December 8, 2011

Product Review: Bronz' Express Fake Tan

Hey Girls,
Hope everyone is well :)
 WOW Christmas is so near now!! Its crazy how fast did this year went???
 Im so not prepared for christmas this year! eek!!

Ok so today Im going to do a quick product review as i haven't done one in like forever!!!

I know I have mentioned this product in a post in the past but I just wanted to dedicate this post to this tan because I want everyone to know how AMAZING it is :)

 Bronz' express is a self developing fake tan and apply's best with a tanning mitt.


1. It costs 20 euro but is nearly always on special offer so it only costs 13 euro.
2. The liquid is brown so you can see exactly where your applying it you get a natural glow straight away but it develops and gets darker after 2 or 3 hours.
3. You can use this on your body and face so your not buying 2 seperate tans
4. It develops and matchs your skin tone so it will look different on everyone if you have swallow skin it will be darker on you than someone will pale skin and It will never appear orange.
5. It smells GORGEOUS!!!! 
No more yucky tan smells this tan smells lovely it reminds me of christmas because it kind of smells like mulled wine haha
6. It does not look dirty or patchy as it fades
7. Alot of beauty Salons are now starting to use this tan on clients

The only problem I have with this tan is that it doesn't last long enough normally tans would last a little bit longer
You shower once and the colour fades and is usually completely gone after 3 showers thats without re-applying inbetween showers.


Don't shower for 24 hours after you apply your tan.
Always have good lightening when applying tan as its so easy to mess it up
I find tan is best applied during the day near a window as you can see exactly what your doing and how it looks in the harsh light.
Like every other tan becareful with your hands knees and ankles I always avoid mine and go back later with what ever is left on the mitt.
For my hands I use always garnier's summer body as it always looks more natural and it moisturises aswell
 I hate orange and patchy fingers haha!
And if you do end up with orange ankles get the lemon juice out the acid is great for stripping tan

Happy Tanning!!!

love you all
Saz xx


inmyhansonshirt said...

It sounds really great! I haven't been able to master the fake tanners myself. Maybe one day!

Nina said...

I love this tan its brilliant :)

iThrough said...

Your article is great. Would you like to do a review on our prodcuts?

Anonymous said...

Hey does this fake tan stain your bed sheets? this is the one thing that puts me off fake tans

makeupbysaz said...

I promise you this is is easiest tan to work with i would be afraid to use any other tan.

No i havent had any problems with this tan staining my bed covers but i always wear pj's in bed :)

John Milton said...

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