Thursday, December 29, 2011

O.O.T.D: Baby it's cold outside.

Hey Girl's,

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!
I love how Christmas brings everyone together it's such a lovely time of year!!
So sad it's all over :( I'll be so upset taking my little tree down hehe!!

My Wish came true Santa brought me a lovely new camera the quality is sooo much better than my last one don't you think??
Big thank you to my cousin Alison who let me rob her camera for my last few O.O.T.D's 

  I tired to keep myself in the christmas spirit today by wearing this winter white cosy faux fur vest from                      H&M a warm polo neck and my new boots :)

*My Outfit*

Faux Fur vest: H&M
Polo neck/boots/ bag : Primark
Watch: Morgan (old)
Jean: Oasis

Sorry got a bit carried away with my new camera Im so impressed with it :)
love saz xx


Misseblog said...

Your skin looks amazing, love your outfit too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, glad to hear you got what you wanted :) xx

Nina said...

wow amazing photos Sarah AMAZING what foundation are you using it makes your skin look so flawless :)

adoreabubbles said...

Really gorgeous, I love how you put your outfits together. My wardrobe needs a revamp!

makeupbysaz said...

Thanks Girls :D

@Nina Thanks hun i use L'oreals true match foundation I mix 2 shades together (c2 and w3) It's amazing stuff but honestly that camera makes my skin look better than it actually is haha

@adoreabubbles pull everything out of your wardrobe and mix and match You will be amazed by what you can come up with, you cant see half of your clothes in the wardrobe trust me :)

Danitza said...

your skin is really good and the photos quality! im happy ot heary ou get what you wanted for Christmas and also that you have a wonderful time =) greetings!

paulcusack said...

hi ur beautiful sarah

AtomicNony said...

your outfit is cute, i especially love your boots!

inmyhansonshirt said...

I'm glad Santa was so good to you! How exciting! Loving this outfit. So perfect for winter. That fur vest is great! Also, you have the most beautiful eyes! :)

Nina said...

Girl your skin is fantastic trust me thats the first thing i noticed about you at the meet up you have great skin !!!!!